Sunday, 13 July 2014

Positivity Sunday - Up's and Down's

This weekend has been filled with many many highs and a few low points and today for positivity Sunday I wanted to talk about how sometimes those downs can ruin a situation and what to do when faced with things that might put a damper on your day.

Now it is important to stress that these tips are to help with minor hiccups in your day, not for serious problems that may occur. Some of these tips may not help when serious things happen to you.

1. Take a deep breath and accept the situation.
Last night I had my car window smashed in, it is something you just need to accept has happened nothing will change it.

2. With a level head look for a solution.
It is always so easy to kick off and moan when something bad or unfair happens to us. Instead with a level head asses if it is something you can fix or change. Try to look for a solution to make it better.

3. Put it in perspective.
The same weekend that our car window got smashed me and my partner gave his son possibly one of the best weekends he has spent with us. There were surprises for him he had friends stop over the house and was generally spoiled rotten. Honestly a smashed window paled in comparison to the good time we gave him.

4. Prioritise.
This goes with point three, put the best things that have happened in a list and then the bad things right at the very bottom, you will find you have a lot of positive things to concentrate on rather then the negative.

5. Take yourself away from the stress!
Relax. Go to sleep early. Exercise, find something to take your mind off the bad things and distract yourself. Tomorrow is always a new day and remember

Negativity brings more Negativity in your life. If you feel stuck in a negative mindset, jot down 3 positive things each day whether they are about yourself or the day you had, and you will soon see you have a lot to smile about. 

Lots of Love