Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My First Tattoo Experience!

I have wanted tattoo's for as long as I can remember. My parents have been getting tattoo's for years so there was never the fear if stigma that can be attached to tattoos! However after seeing my older sisters first tattoo and how bad it was (no offence sis but we all know it's not the best) I knew I wanted a real piece of art for my first tattoo! So I have waited a while and just before my 25th I found what I wanted! 

An owl perched on branches :) the artist was called Sophie and on June 10th I prepared myself for a massive session! It ended up taking around 6hrs 40mins. 

Now when I told my artist it was my first tattoo she got nervous not because of pain but because the length of time can cause you to go numb, have muscle spasms even get dizzy as you can't have a proper food break! I would suggest a good meal before your sitting I had jacket potatoe fish and salad. Anything to give you good energy through the day and I drank a lot if sports drinks during my session to keep my sugar levels steady. 

This was my first break! It took about 2 hours to get to this point! The blue lines were all outlines that still needed doing! The only thing done were the owls eyes! Sophie was using a picture of reference for this so all the owl detail she was drawing in by hand. At this point she decided to do the outlining and then carry on with the rest of the owl later! The pain was pretty much what I expected kind of like cat scratches and the vibrations from the tattoo machine actually made it tickle a little bit! I did t find the pain much at all and I could have happily fell asleep however it did begin to hurt at around 6 hours! 

Little bit more done! This break was more for Sophie so she could have a fag break and a cup of tea! I will say my dad who is a veteran of tattoos hates when he has an artist who smokes as it does make it painful when you stop then start again. Lucky for me Sophie didn't take many breaks! 

This was around 4 hours or so and I was getting really worried we wouldn't finish it during the day! There were still flowers to do the chest area and feet to do and the highlighting to bring the whole thing together! It was about this stage I started to feel it. The pain was still manageable and not at all difficult for me to cope with but the tickling feeling had left! I found myself taking deep breaths to control my body. It was this point my whole body started getting numb and I had to rearrange how my leg was so I could still feel it!

The finished design! It looks a bit red! I tell you when they wipe down the design it is the best feeling in the world ever! It instantly cools off your skin! 

Heeling wise it's taken about three weeks. The colour fades by about 60% because what you see in the picture above is fresh ink on top of your skin! After the tattoo goes through shedding it looks faded! 

I used be bepanthem (nappy rash cream) for 7 days and a normal non scented moisturiser afterwards. I still use one now! The skin shedding is the worst part because it's like when your sunburn perks but you can't pick you have to leave it! 

Here's the heeled tattoo. 

The detail amazes me every time! I still moisturise every other day and put sun screen on if I am out in the sun with it uncovered. I don't feel it needs any touch ups but some tattoos may need it after heeling. 

Have any of you got tattoos? How did you find the pain? 

Lots of Love