Monday, 14 July 2014

My first Mac Lipstick Purchase

I had never really seen the allure of mac! When I was 18 I got an eyeshadow and the black track fluid line and didn't really think much if them. I have since got mac eyeshadows in blog sales and still have not been majorly impressed. Maybe I am just picking the wrong shades. However I recently decided to get my first Mac lipstick. After watching the lipstick tag on YouTube I figured I would give the lipsticks a try they seem to be a big blogger favourite!

I decided on a matte formula because I personally love matte lips. I also knew for the price it had to be something I would wear a lot! So I picked a neutral pink shade. 

I decided on Please Me in the end. Sorry for the shadowy pictures but they will be better in my full review soon! 

I think it's a beautiful shade and I love it do much! It's not too in your face which I like considering I am a big fan of bold lips usually. 

What Mac lipsticks should I try next? 

Lots of Love