Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Models Own - Indian Ocean

A while a go I brought a lot of these duo colour nail polishes from Models Own and Indian Ocean is one of those ones I have just left for a while not knowing what to pair it with. And when the darker blue polish arrived in my glossy box I suddenly knew which polish to pair it with.

This polish is a beautiful light pearl blue base with a gorgeous pink shimmer running through it. This is with two coats on but honestly it need a third to match up to what you see in the bottle, two coats is just a little too thin for my liking.

 The polish lasts well and didn't chip until the third day, however it strikes me as one of those polishes that would come off in big sections if it were to chip. Upon removing this polish I found it was more difficult to get off then other polishes it felt like it had some grit and substance to it (not something I noticed while applying as it goes on so smoothly) but its not as difficult to remove as a glitter polish.

I think Indian Ocean is one polish I will use regularly as an accent nail and even do a full set of nails for a special occasion as I think its a really unique and eye catching colour.

Which Models Own polishes do you like?

Lots of Love