Friday, 4 July 2014

Lime Crime - Cosmopop - Review

Lipsticks are becoming my new favourite obsession! I used to have just a few basic pink nude shades and a couple of glosses. Then I made the decision to buy a red lipstick and I have never looked back! Now I like to try more daring colours and that's when I discovered Lime Crime! I don't think I will ever wear the blue or yellow but some of the oranges and purples they have are beautiful! 

I picked up Cosmopop because I wanted a muted orange colour. I wanted something that was still unusual but a bit more muted and forgiving. Cosmopop looked like it could tick all those boxes! 

Can I just say I love the packaging! I think it is so girly and stands out against any other lipsticks I own! I am very glad that these have not changed styles like the velveteens and liners have. However I think there is a special anniversary packaging out soon! 

You get a good sized lipstick which closes securely. I have to say that these smell like mac lipsticks (something I can vouch for now I own a mac lipstick!) and they have a very creamy texture. 

This is one swipe of the lipstick. I have to say I am impressed with the pigmentation  of this. It's a colour that could fall short and not look vibrant but this looks really good and true to the colour in the tube. 

 I did worry that this shade would wash me out because I am so pale. But it has a warmth to it that actually helps brighten my face! (I have cut my eyes out if the picture as they are photographing terribly with my hay fever!) It looks a different colour on my lips as they are very pink naturally so it lend almost a peach tone to the lipstick. This wears well and lasts quite well on me not drink and food proof   but still lasts a good few hours without any problems. 

I do have to say this us very unforgiving on dry lips. Every little crack and flake will be shown so make sure your lips are in a good condition before you even think about putting these lipsticks on! The lipsticks cost £12.50 and for a cruelty free lipstick I think that's an amazing price! For uk stockists I either use cute cosmetics or love make up. Or you can buy direct from Lime Crime. 

Have you ever tried Lime Crime Lipsticks? 

Lots of Love