Friday, 18 July 2014

Colour Club - Glossy Seal - Nail Polish Review

Nail polish is something I am not totally in to. I admire all those beautiful designs people can do but I just cant, so I tend to stick to basic colours with maybe a glitter over the top and thats it!

Mostly I may sport no nail polish or nail polish that seriously needs to be changed! However I am trying to change that so when in the July glossy box we were treated to an exclusive nail colour from Color Club (Glossy Seal) I decided it was best to try it out! Plus it was blue one of my favorite colours! (Also side mot as its an American brand the spelling of colour is different which really confuses me!)

I really liked the colour of the Color Club Nail Polish as I said it is blue, but it is almost this blue/grey/teal colour. It is really interesting and I really like that it is not a shimmer or a duo chrome polish. Its just this amazing one dimensional colour.

The packaging is nice, kind of basic and nothing special about it. The brush is pretty standard to and gives a nice coverage. I did find that even with wiping excess polish off the brush on the side of the bottle that brush still held a hell of a lot of polish! almost too much at times!

It applies really well, this was just one coat so I am impressed with how good the colour is. I like polishes that I can apply in one coat and not compromise on the colour so the Color Club Polish ticks all the boxes there. On my accent nail I have a Models Own polish but I think the two of these really compliment each other. I did find that this began to chip after one day so it essential that you put on a base and top coat. However for $8 its a really nice nail polish and a really good nail polish brand! I will definitely be looking at what other colours they do. Color Club Nail Polish can be found here.

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If you got this months glossy box what did you think of it?

Lots of Love