Friday, 27 June 2014

Seventeen 18hr Stay Time Concealer - Review

Concealer is a really tricky product for me to buy and like! My eyes get dry and wrinkled easily due to allergens, and most concealers tend to make it look a whole lot worse. I've been trying a new technique out where I apply concealer to the tops of my cheek bones and blend the concealer upwards so I still cover my under eyes but with less product. It seems to be working well and I figured I can now review a product without going 'no it's shit and collects in my creases' when that may have been down to me not using it in the right way for my skin!

So today I will be looking at the Seventeen 18 hour Stay Time Concealer. This is a full coverage concealer and I think (almost 100%) that I have the foundation and primer that goes with this line! 

The concealer packaging is nice, and it has a standard doe foot applicator.  It retails for £4.99 so is very purse friendly! The downside there are only 3 shades, extra fair, fair, and medium. So it doesnt cater for all skin tones. 

I picked up the shade extra fair, and it really is light! Its nice theres finally something on the high street for pale girls! It is slightly too yellow toned for me but it doesnt look bad once blended in. This is not full coverage like it says, at least for me anyway. I would say its medium coverage but it is build-able to a coverage you like.  For my under eyes I use the technique I talked about above and blend with my RT blending brush. On spots I dab a bit on the the back of my hand and use patting motions to cover the spot until everything is blended. 

I like how this applies smooth, and is easy to use and blend, I like that it doesnt sink in my creases too much, of course it does get all up in those wrinkles but it isnt as bad as the collection 16 hour concealer, for me, that consistency is too thick, where as with the Seventeen Stay Put Concealer is a little thinner and easy to work with. 

I can find that it sticks to dry patches, it's not bad but it can make them a little more obvious, and I find the longer you wear it during the day the worse it can look on those dry patches. If I wear this for a long time I tend to carry a powder with me that has a little bit of colour pay off to try and mask it fading, because when it fades it clings to dry bits, but generally for an average days wear it works well. 

I will be repurchasing this as for me, its a good price and good coverage and works well for me! However I wish there was more colour choice! Come on seventeen sort it out! 

What concealers do you like? 

Lots of Love