Sunday, 29 June 2014

Positivity Sunday - Spending Time With Loved Ones

Theres one thing in the world that really makes me all happy and warm and fuzzy inside. Thats seeing my parents and sisters. I live away from home and as much as I love my Pawl theres something about going home thats settling for my heart and soul.


I like to take time to see my family that I dont see that much now, when I lived with them I couldn't wait to move out. Now I can't wait to go back and be with them for just a few hours. It resets everything and when things are getting too tough its nice to remember your mom and dad always have your back! The same goes for my sisters and now my extended family I have because of Pawl. Its nice to feel love and give that back to other people. So try to take the time to relax with your family if that be a few hours a week or every other day! Its important and good for the soul to feel loved, and love people back! 

This post is pretty short and theres no real message like there has been with other positivity Sunday posts, but what can I say other then love your family! 

I hope you all found something to be happy about this week! 

Lots of Love