Sunday, 29 June 2014

Positivity Sunday - Spending Time With Loved Ones

Theres one thing in the world that really makes me all happy and warm and fuzzy inside. Thats seeing my parents and sisters. I live away from home and as much as I love my Pawl theres something about going home thats settling for my heart and soul.


I like to take time to see my family that I dont see that much now, when I lived with them I couldn't wait to move out. Now I can't wait to go back and be with them for just a few hours. It resets everything and when things are getting too tough its nice to remember your mom and dad always have your back! The same goes for my sisters and now my extended family I have because of Pawl. Its nice to feel love and give that back to other people. So try to take the time to relax with your family if that be a few hours a week or every other day! Its important and good for the soul to feel loved, and love people back! 

This post is pretty short and theres no real message like there has been with other positivity Sunday posts, but what can I say other then love your family! 

I hope you all found something to be happy about this week! 

Lots of Love



Friday, 27 June 2014

Seventeen 18hr Stay Time Concealer - Review

Concealer is a really tricky product for me to buy and like! My eyes get dry and wrinkled easily due to allergens, and most concealers tend to make it look a whole lot worse. I've been trying a new technique out where I apply concealer to the tops of my cheek bones and blend the concealer upwards so I still cover my under eyes but with less product. It seems to be working well and I figured I can now review a product without going 'no it's shit and collects in my creases' when that may have been down to me not using it in the right way for my skin!

So today I will be looking at the Seventeen 18 hour Stay Time Concealer. This is a full coverage concealer and I think (almost 100%) that I have the foundation and primer that goes with this line! 

The concealer packaging is nice, and it has a standard doe foot applicator.  It retails for £4.99 so is very purse friendly! The downside there are only 3 shades, extra fair, fair, and medium. So it doesnt cater for all skin tones. 

I picked up the shade extra fair, and it really is light! Its nice theres finally something on the high street for pale girls! It is slightly too yellow toned for me but it doesnt look bad once blended in. This is not full coverage like it says, at least for me anyway. I would say its medium coverage but it is build-able to a coverage you like.  For my under eyes I use the technique I talked about above and blend with my RT blending brush. On spots I dab a bit on the the back of my hand and use patting motions to cover the spot until everything is blended. 

I like how this applies smooth, and is easy to use and blend, I like that it doesnt sink in my creases too much, of course it does get all up in those wrinkles but it isnt as bad as the collection 16 hour concealer, for me, that consistency is too thick, where as with the Seventeen Stay Put Concealer is a little thinner and easy to work with. 

I can find that it sticks to dry patches, it's not bad but it can make them a little more obvious, and I find the longer you wear it during the day the worse it can look on those dry patches. If I wear this for a long time I tend to carry a powder with me that has a little bit of colour pay off to try and mask it fading, because when it fades it clings to dry bits, but generally for an average days wear it works well. 

I will be repurchasing this as for me, its a good price and good coverage and works well for me! However I wish there was more colour choice! Come on seventeen sort it out! 

What concealers do you like? 

Lots of Love



Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Love Makeup Haul Has been a recent discovery of mine thanks to Lisa from spaceysno1girl. After finding out that they stock lime crime and had chinchilla in stock I had to make an order! I have been after that shade for the longest time not because I have a pet chinchilla and I had to get it well that and I have a new love for purple lips! 

Here's what I got some NYC individual lashes these were less then £3 if I remember rightly! A Lime Crime Velveteen from the new clueless witch collection in wicked (£13.50) which is an amazing burgundy vampy red colour. Line Crime lipstick in Chinchilla (£12.50) a beautiful purple/grey I also picked up Cosmopop which is a light orangey/peach colour. Finally I got a Lime Crime liquid liner in quill (£9.00) which is a standard black liner. 

Really this was one huge Line Crime haul!  My next order from love makeup will include some Ben Nye powders as I am really interested in the way they look I am just waiting for a restock of the shades I want! 

What has been your most recent beauty purchase?

Lots of Love



Sunday, 22 June 2014

June GlossyBox

So I decided recently I wanted to get back into the world of beauty boxes and after seeing how amazing the June GlossyBox was I figured I would give them a try! I had previously had she said beauty boxes and I think love me beauty do one where you know what you will get but I really wanted something that would be full of surprises! This box would be a surprise as there were a few different options! 

I got the So Susan Concealer Quad worth £20 I am happy I got this one as I am a bit particular when it comes to blush! I think the quad packaging could be better for £20 but the proof will be in the product! 

I got a Rituals Anti-Perspirant worth £3.50 and a Nail Girls 3 in 1 varnish worth £13.50. Both basic but essential parts of any beauty regime! 

I also got the Teez Beautiful Eyes Brush worth €19 around £15 and the L'Oreal Volume Million Lash Mascara worth £10.99. I love mascara and makeup brushes so both are brilliant for me. I think all in all my box is worth around £60  . So I am very happy with it. The only product that is not full size is the nail varnish according to the GlossyBox information card full size is 15ml and we get a very generous 10ml size. 

I can't wait for the next box and I hope it continues to be as good! I remember when she said beauty started handing out lots of samples that were not worth a lot! I hope GlossyBox sticks with a mixture of good value and full size products with good samples mixed in too! 

Have you tried GlossyBox? 

Lots of Love



Friday, 20 June 2014

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer in Funk

I love a good bright lipstick, I love a good matte lip I also love a good long lasting lipstick! So when I saw that MUA were bringing out an alternative to the lime crime velveteens I literally swooned! I love the velveteens but with the price tag and the fact it's really hard to get hold of them I welcomed an alternative with open arms! 

The packaging on these is much more expensive then the £3 price tag suggests. It's not often I am impressed with the packaging MUA has come out with but the Luxe line does look good especially these velvet lip lacquers! The tube is a frosted glass effect much like the lime crime offering, and this has a black lid with gold details.

The texture of this I can only describe as thick. It's thicker then a gloss but is almost like a lipstick you have left I your handbag on a long day, it's on it's way to being liquid but not quite there! It's really strange and not what I was expecting. The lime crime velveteen is really thing it really is a liquid lipstick. This is just thicker then I was expecting. Because of this I notice it more when I wear it. I am aware it's on my lips. 

However the colour of funk is amazing! It is so pigmented, it's bright it really stands out and it looks amazing! MUA have really outdone themselves with this lip lacquer! It applies nice I do have to wipe excess off the doefoot applicator because too much if this product and it is hard to work with. It is much better to go little by little and perfect the application process. I do put a lip liner on with this out of habit however I do not feel it is really necessary. 

The wear time of this is good you can go around 8hours before a noticeable difference is made (for me anyway) this includes eating and drinking while wearing it. I did find it can crumble off if applied too thick rather then fade away. However the knack of whether you have too much on or not probably comes from using these kinds of products more. 

All in all I think they are a great alternative to the lime crime velveteens if you can not afford them however even in their own right without comparing them to anything they are a great lipstick. At £3 you can do a lot worse then the MUA luxe velvet lip lacquers and they have a good colour range. Now I just need them to come out with more unusual colours and I will be a very happy bunny! 

Have you tried the MUA velvet lip lacquers? Which ones have you tried? 

Lots of Love



Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Eyeko Skinny Liner - Review

 I love felt liners and I am always stocking up on them and trying new ones! I think they are the easiest ways to achieve a winged liner and giving the appearance of a thicker lash line. So I usually have a few things I look for in a felt liner. A good price, long lasting, easy to use, a true black that takes one stroke, the ability to give thin and thick lines.

Today I am reviewing the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner in Black, available here for £12.

 I love the packaging on this, its really thin, the colour stands out from all my other liners and it really is easy to hold! I think its the perfect size and I actually wish more liners came as thin as the packaging on this one!

The nib is long and tapers to a very fine point which at first works really well but I find the very end of the nib quickly became flexible meaning it became more difficult to work with. This is the second one of these I have had and both times this has happened. I find that it just makes it difficult to get good crisp lines.

The black is very intense unless the pen has been on its side, the more grey lines are after I have done my own eyes and then swatched on my hands, so I feel if you are not skilled at putting on liner the actual liquid on the nib will dry out and you will get a less intense look. However if you can work fast you will get a rich colour pay off. The other problem this creates is it needs to be stored upside down (lid down) otherwise you will not saturate the felt nib enough and you will get a grey, dry effect rather then the true intense black. However you can create a good array of line thicknesses that I like. However I do find this a bit tugging on the lids.

The wear time is impressive, it lasts without fading and it stays an intense black for a long time. I have watery eyes and usually my winged liner can rub off and fade during the day, but this stayed put! It is one of the redeeming factors of the eyeko liner, how good the formula is!

All in all I am still undecided about this I wish the actual felt nib was better and didn't tug, but there's so many other redeeming factors like the rich black colour!

What do you think of the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner? What is your favorite liner?

Lots of Love



Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Seventeen Flawless Poreless Primer - Review

have been trying out all sorts of primers lately looking for that one to help minimise pores and stop makeup collecting in my fine lines! 

Today I will be giving you my opinion on the Seventeen Flawless Poreless Primer (bit of a mouthful!)

First of all can I point out the packaging on this? Its rather cute and funky and is a solid primer in a compact form, much like a powder or cream foundation. Most primers I have used have been in a tube to squeeze out the product, where as this is the complete opposite! I do like it however I feel like it should come with a small mirror, the packaging is big enough to have one it just seems a bit strange there isn't one in there! 

The product has this beige/pink colouring in the pan but is completely transparent upon application meaning any skin tone can use this primer, I just swirl a clean finger in the product and apply to areas I need it. It feels very silicone-y but is silky on the skin. It stays feeling that way until it is worked into the skin. I use this after moisturising but before foundation to 'prime' the skin however if I am enjoying a rare good skin day I will use this without foundation! It just lightky blurs my imperfections like slight wrinkles and visible pores. 

Underneath foundation, it makes the whole application a lot easier. My foundation blends better, glides on better and generally just looks better. It doesn't really make the makeup last any longer but it does improve the appearance. At £5.99 the Seventeen Flawless Poreless Primer is one of the better ones I have tried from the high street - drug store offerings, it is nice to have an alternative that works! 

I definitely think this compact needs a little mirror but other then that I wouldn't change a thing. 

Have you tried the Seventeen Flawless Poreless Primer? What other primers should I try? 

Lots of Love