Friday, 16 May 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Mouse Foundation Review

Let me start by saying I was very very excited for this foundation. I am probably the only person who liked the Maybelline dream matte mouse years ago when it first came out. It was my first foundation and I loved it! So I was excited to see if the formula of a mouse foundation had improved as I do remember it being a little drying!

I picked this up in Asda when Rimmel products were all £5 and under. I always pick up the foundations at this time because it's so cheap! 

I picked this up in the shade True Ivory it was the lightest shade available in the store and is the same shade I have in the wake me up foundation and the match perfect foundation. However sadly in this line the foundation it runs dark and very orange on me! No amount of blending will help either! Which is a tad bit disappointing I never understand why foundations from the same company are not the same colour!

I did like the feel of this and it does actually glide on nice. I remember the Maybelline mouse could be a bit difficult to work with but thus was nice. The best way to apply it was with your fingers in my opinion it just gave a more even look. However this clung to dry patches I didn't even know I had! It would work if you had oily skin by it really shows even the slightest amount of dry skin! It clings and clumps to it making it very obvious. Even when moisturising first it made no difference!
This could work well for some people but just really isn't fit for me! Between the dark orange colour and the clumpy look from my dry patches it just looks like I have caked on layers and layers if foundation! I will give this to my sister who has oily skin and see what she thinks of it! 

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think ?

Lots of Love