Wednesday, 7 May 2014

New Life Haul

I have spoken before about my love of the store New Life. It is a large charity shop in Cannock and is possibly the closest we have to American style thrift stores. That and the fact your money goes to a worthwhile charity is amazing. 

I only got a few items in this visit but they are good! 

Some lovely blue and pink swallow patterned pj bottoms! These are really nice and silky and are really thin so perfect for this weather! These were £2.99

A Cinderella patterned t-shirt again a steal at £2.99 and I am planning on cutting off the round neck so it sits a but nicer. 

And last but not least a pair of light wash Levi shorts! These probably existed as jeans at some point and the Levi label has been cut off the back because new life has to cut tags out to resell items (crying internally a little bit as I love the Levi label) but the button is still there which is how I know they are Levi! There were quite a few different pairs there too! These were £4.99 AND had 25% off so a complete bargain! 

What do you think about charity shop shopping? Do you love it or hate it?

Lots of Love

X x