Monday, 12 May 2014

Lush Mumkin Review

Today I am reviewing Lush Mumkin I think this was around for Mother's Day and Easter so it might pop up in a sale soon :) 

Now I thought mumkin was a bath ballistic so I just chucked it into the bath and was instantly disappointed at the rubbish fizzing! It was then I realised it was a bubble bar!

Stupid points for kerri!

Again as most of these lush reviews there  are mini videos of them in action on my Instagram :) you can find me by looking for allthingskerri

I half expected this to be sweet smelling like most of the pink things from lush are. However it smells a bit like berries so was very nice for me as I prefer the fruity smells. 

This also made the water a lovely deep pink colour with a nice amount of bubbles. I don't think it foamed as much as other bubble bars I have had but it was still a nice amount.

There was no oily residue which I have been finding with other lush products. So I really liked that because I am a bit tired of having oily feeling skin and hair! I really would recommend this one as a nice treat that's a bit different from the other lush offerings! 

What lush goodies have you tried recently?

Lots of Love