Friday, 9 May 2014

Feeling Stretched!

Ever get the feeling that you are doing too much! 

I work full time and I am also trying to sell my jewellery online with a friend while trying to blog (unsuccessfully most of the time) trying to be a good step mom be a good girlfriend and fit in a social life! 

I can honestly say I feel so tired and over worked it's unbelievable! I feel a bit overwhelmed I need to find a way to let go and relax but I don't know what to do! My usual hobby of writing or making jewellery is sort of becoming my job (especially as the other half keep encouraging me to write the stories that form in my head!) 

Should I find a new hobby or just take time to relax and do nothing? Like watch a film or take a long bath! What do you do to relax when you feel like there's too much going on? 

Lots of Love