Sunday, 13 April 2014

Positivity Sunday - Reconnecting

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing some of my old university mates. It gave me some great ideas about my positivity Sunday post! I try to post these when things have happened to me to make me happy and shed some positive thinking on my life. And while I thought this reconnection with people might make me feel bad because I never left uni with a degree, I'm not a teacher or a international event organiser for the scouts or any other high profile job, I just work in a bookies! I figured I might feel inferior to my friends however that's not what happened! 

I ended feeling rather glad and happy about all my other aspects of life 

1. My relationship status
Only one of the friends I caught up with over the weekend are in a long term committed relationship. It made me realise what a positive influence Pawl is on me :) three years together is something to be celebrated and the family I have with him now. Inviting his son into my life was a huge pressure and something I still struggle with on occasion but having a family has changed my life more then I ever thought possible.

2. My friendships
I an lucky to still be able to see my friends and have made so many great friends since my days at uni. I am lucky that I get to still be in touch with people who made my uni life better and met new people who continue to enrich my life

3. My eventful year
This year has taught me a lot about my own strengths and how to cope during difficult times and while I wouldn't wish what I went through on anyone, learning harsh life lessons is part of life and I am glad I have gone through some difficult times. 

So next time you face a situation that you think may leave you feeling a bit shitty throw yourself into it and you may just find a positive spin on it all! 

Lots of love guys