Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pancake Breakfast at Smokeys

I know for most of you this post will be pointless as you guys don't live by me! I also realise not every one will appreciate me blabbing on about my new favourite place to eat! However if there are any West Midlands bloggers around that like American style food this place is for you! 

For American style food you can't get better then Smokeys. The BBQ pulled pork is so succulent and the beef brisket melts in your mouth! I love their fries as well they still have the skins on them. They are so yummy!

Today me and pawl ventured out for breakfast there and we were not disappointed we had pancakes syrup and bacon! Just amazing. I had a three stack and pawl had a five stack. He had to take some home it was just too much for him! I love it in Smokeys from the old jukebox to the authentic cooking and scenery inside its a really nice place. And the staff are all lovely and really nice.

Yummy Breakfast pancakes.

Also for anyone who secretly likes man vs. food they have some challenges including a metre long hotdog a 25 atack of pancakes and the biggest burger I have ever seen that takes 2.5hrs to cook! 

I love this place! What's your favourite place to eat out? Do you have a favourite kind of food? 

Lots of Love