Sunday, 13 April 2014

Positivity Sunday - Reconnecting

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing some of my old university mates. It gave me some great ideas about my positivity Sunday post! I try to post these when things have happened to me to make me happy and shed some positive thinking on my life. And while I thought this reconnection with people might make me feel bad because I never left uni with a degree, I'm not a teacher or a international event organiser for the scouts or any other high profile job, I just work in a bookies! I figured I might feel inferior to my friends however that's not what happened! 

I ended feeling rather glad and happy about all my other aspects of life 

1. My relationship status
Only one of the friends I caught up with over the weekend are in a long term committed relationship. It made me realise what a positive influence Pawl is on me :) three years together is something to be celebrated and the family I have with him now. Inviting his son into my life was a huge pressure and something I still struggle with on occasion but having a family has changed my life more then I ever thought possible.

2. My friendships
I an lucky to still be able to see my friends and have made so many great friends since my days at uni. I am lucky that I get to still be in touch with people who made my uni life better and met new people who continue to enrich my life

3. My eventful year
This year has taught me a lot about my own strengths and how to cope during difficult times and while I wouldn't wish what I went through on anyone, learning harsh life lessons is part of life and I am glad I have gone through some difficult times. 

So next time you face a situation that you think may leave you feeling a bit shitty throw yourself into it and you may just find a positive spin on it all! 

Lots of love guys



Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My First Ghost Hunt - Liverpool Newsham Abandoned Hospital/Orphanage

At the end of last month I went on my first ever ghost hunt with my friend. We had been on about going on one for ages and when this came up on my facebook newsfeed I really wanted to go. I mean whats better then an abandoned hospital for your first ghost hunting spectacular! 

Heres a picture of the place in daylight, when we pulled up in pitch darkness you couldnt see anything and it was just this really scary looking place! 

We got lost in liverpool about 6 times four of them trying to find the hotel! Almost died on the way when we almost accidently drove off the motorway (oooops) but it was all so worth it! We started with a tour around the building and then a big seance with everyone in what I think was the school building. Not much happened but we split off into the three groups we would stay in. 

Me and my friend went off with Marc the medium (with about 10 pther people) and went to the corridoor where they used to lock naughty children away. Theres all these cupboards in a really small corridoor its really creepy. Especially with the lights switched off and theres no light coming in as the windows are all boarded up! 

There wasnt much activity besides people swearing they could see shadows (I still cant see how as it was pitch black but oh well) and we went down to some little hospital ward to have a go at some table tipping. 

I decided to sit back and watch the first table tipping but my friend joined in. At the time I was still really iffy about it all, I wanted to try it all but it seemed like there were people who were trying to make it like a tv show and jumping about everything. I must say this was when I started to change my mind! Watching the table tipping was a strange experience and at first I thought it was everyone doing it without knowing but when the legs were lifting off the floor I couldnt help but get a bit freaked out. We moved to another part of the small ward and then tried glass moving. I tried it out this time and with three other girls. We established where the glass to go for yes and no, and started asking questions. The glass started moving in circles and Marc then decided to ask questions he told us there was an elderly gentleman in the room and he was going to speak to him. The glass kept moving to the no position and we established there was a young girl probably a nurse of around 20 in the room. Marc kept asking he could speak the the man in the room and I felt a change in the glass movements they became much more forceful and deliberate. I could feel the glass moving under my finger rather then it being moved by my finger. The elderly gentleman was a patient here and he kept moving the hair of one of the girls who's finger was on the glass because she looked like his daughter. She asked him if he would stop as it freaked her out and he replied yes. 

I was really excited because the moving of the glass felt real, i felt no pushing and pulling from other people and my fingers were lightly on the glass. Its one of the things that could be explained but for me it felt to weird and real for it to be any of the other people. 

It was then time to move on to a different area of the building this time we changed who we were with (I think his name was Phil) and we were in the nurses quarters. This was our first opportunity to use the ouija board. A few people didnt want to use it so they went to a different part of the quarters. I stayed there and we didnt really see anything. No movement at all. The placewas really creepy there is just stuff lying about everywhere. 

We then went off for our last area to explore where the really creepy stuff started to happen! We went to the pysch ward and With Nikki and everyone kept saying they felt a bit wierd. We had good movement in one of the rooms (I have some video of this) but it was very short lived it didnt last very long. We moved into this huge room which must have been a communal area for the patients and had some amazing activity. We asked some spirits with dousing rods where they would like us to go and they instructed us to move to the other end of the room. It was here we asked spirits to copy our bangs. We all held hands in a big circle ans Nikki banged her foot off the floor. We heard doors slam and some people got quite freaked out. We knew we were away from everyone else as the psych ward is quite secluded from the other areas the other groups were in. We tried it again, and again got bangs upon request. We moved back to the side of the room where the bangs came from, but only ever got light taps on boarded up windows, almost as if the spirits didnt want to scare us. Again we moved to the opposite end of the room and got really loud bangs again and doors shutting. It was something I couldnt really explain if the other groups were closer I would have assumed it was them but they were really far away! 

Afterwards we had free time to do what we liked, and use soe equipment we checked out the morgue and actually it was the calmest I had felt all night! 

Everyone seemed to end up back in the school area where 'father john' seemed to be very active with the glass moving and ouija boards. This was not a partculary friendly spirit the words die kept being spelt on the ouija board and I began to feel uneasy. I also began to feel that one person was basically making it all up as apparently he had got movements in areas the medium said there were no spirits. Mu opinion totally changed when they began glass moving. I was filming it for a while the movements were really angry and forceful as some people were almost baiting the spirit. I stopped filming as I began to feel a bit uneasy about it all. About 5minutes or so into the glass moving exercise the class tumbler righted itself. All night we had used the glass bottom side up so to see it right itself in one move was really creepy. I wish I had managed to film it! 

I really enjoyed my night. I used spooktacular ghost hunting, and they were really great. I am going to dudley castle with them in june and planning on going back to liverpool in december! 

(Some photos from the spooktacular facebook group. I will link everything when i can get back on my computer)

Have any of you been on a ghost hunt? Would you ever do one? 

Lots of Love 



Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pancake Breakfast at Smokeys

I know for most of you this post will be pointless as you guys don't live by me! I also realise not every one will appreciate me blabbing on about my new favourite place to eat! However if there are any West Midlands bloggers around that like American style food this place is for you! 

For American style food you can't get better then Smokeys. The BBQ pulled pork is so succulent and the beef brisket melts in your mouth! I love their fries as well they still have the skins on them. They are so yummy!

Today me and pawl ventured out for breakfast there and we were not disappointed we had pancakes syrup and bacon! Just amazing. I had a three stack and pawl had a five stack. He had to take some home it was just too much for him! I love it in Smokeys from the old jukebox to the authentic cooking and scenery inside its a really nice place. And the staff are all lovely and really nice.

Yummy Breakfast pancakes.

Also for anyone who secretly likes man vs. food they have some challenges including a metre long hotdog a 25 atack of pancakes and the biggest burger I have ever seen that takes 2.5hrs to cook! 

I love this place! What's your favourite place to eat out? Do you have a favourite kind of food? 

Lots of Love