Sunday, 2 March 2014

Positivity Sunday - Not Everyone Has The Answers

I am one of those people in life that has no idea what I want to do or where I want to go. I always felt (and still do at times) that I wasn't quite as good as the people who had it all figured out. The people at 17 who knew what they were going to do at Uni and what job they wanted and what they had to do to get there. I just had no clue, even now I am hopelessly clueless trying different things as they come.

I think it is worse that we are pressured into making big decisions about our futures at such a young age, if I am perfectly honest I only went to Uni because I was told I should, 'I would never get anywhere in life if I didn't go' In my opinion these are terrible things to plant in young minds. I always thought I would be a failure if I didnt go to uni, so I shipped myself off spend three years studying something I had no passion for and left with no degree. Not that I didnt enjoy my time there, the social aspect is great, but further education was not for me, and I wish there was someone who would have said, that hard work and dedication could get you places in other every day jobs. 

I wish that schools these days talked about different options and what else there is to do, but I didnt have that so instead I left uni with no degree and returned to work at Matalan. I now work at a different job I work in a book makers so theres lots of numbers, odds, customer banter and lots of new skills to learn! I have now progressed to a level 2.5 cashier meaning I can be used as a deputy manager if none are available. 

I just think people shouldnt get hung up if they do not have a specific life plan. I am 25 and I still do not have one, I am going to try and open my own card/balloon shop with a friend but again I have no real future plans for that, we are doing it for ourselves, for the challenge and the enjoyment of working for ourselves! Not necessarily to have a big future chain of shops! 

I also have no plans for life yet, no idea if I want to get married or have children. I am just living my life and going along my journey! I know at times people struggle with not knowing what you want and if you are an organised planned step person that thought may terrify you, but I have to say one positive thing about not knowing what you want is you are open to so much more! 

I would only have dreamt about opening my own shop and now me and my friend are taking our first steps into making it a reality. So many hidden opportunities can come when the plan goes wrong, me and Pawl never planned on living together it is something that happened and has been the best thing ever. 

Not knowing is not a bad thing, I think it is a positive thing because you can try out so much to find something you love. And when you find that thing, the world and everything else will make sense, because you will finally know what you want. It may take us indecisive minds longer to get there, and we may be side tracked by the internet and funny youtube videos, but we will get there and we will have fun doing it! 

So my positive thinking for this week can not be summed up any better, then by these words from Jenna Marbles! (Videos that I have spent many hours watching not knowing what else to do)

Just take life one day at a time and enjoy whatever comes your way. 

Stay happy and Positive ^_^

Lots of Love