Sunday, 9 March 2014

Positivity Sunday - Never Feel Bad For What You Do.

This week you may have realised I have not blogged at all. I am not going to feel bad about this, I used to get so wound up about these things and Ive realised all it does is get me even more stressed and this week I did not need that at all!

So I am going to say I will never feel bad for spending all my spare time pretty much doing nothing and relaxing! After a week from hell pretty much I am happy to say I am glad to just sit back and relax and not put all the pressure on myself. Which brings me to my positive thought of the day.

Whether this be something small like spending your free time watching Pokemon on Netflix or something more important. I have always spent so much time stressing myself out over decisions I have made because I am always worried about how other people may react. I have always been a people pleaser so it has always been difficult for me to not think this way. I always worry about what people think or might say. It wasn't until me and Pawl made a very difficult decision in our life that I realised how bad this way of thinking was. Our decision was made because it is what was best for us. For months I thought about how disappointed people must be in us and it didn't make things any easier. Always stressing about what people may think just leads to a world of stress and even sickness.

It was the same when I was at university, I knew in my second year I did not want to be there and by my third year I was still there saying things like 'my mom would be so upset and disappointed' or the old 'everyone says what a waste it will be if I don't finish' When in reality the waste was that I spent a year in a place I didn't like to please people I didn't need to please. All I needed to do was make myself happy. I think it is an important life lesson that some people will not learn until they are faced with difficulty but if you can try to put yourself first and do the things that make you happy you should have no regrets in life. And if it something that made you happy or was for the right reasons no one should make you feel bad for doing it.

So stop trying to please other people and look after number one for a change!! And I will be going now to watch some more Pokemon and working my way through all the series of Heroes ready for when it returns next year!

Stay Positive and Happy

Lots of Love