Sunday, 16 March 2014

Positivity Sunday - Body Confidence

This subject is not an easy one to talk about. Everyone has their own body hang ups and I know I have things that I am not 100% happy about but I am still confident in my body! It might seems like a really odd thing to say especially as there are thinks I don't like but my body is my own and I love it all the same!

I have big boobs (a massive E cup that at times I think are too big) I have a small waist in comparison to my boobs and hips!! But I border between a size 12 and 14 depending on where I shop! I think that confidence can come from owning what you have, if you have a killer pair of hips and a smalls waist show it off with a fitted shirt to show of your figure, or if you have an impressive rack, there's nothing wrong with showing off a bit of cleavage now and again!

My hang up has always been my legs, I have quite large thighs from playing badminton and muscular calves for the same reason! Lots of lunges made for powerful legs! I also have quite bad skin on my legs from eczema so I never really like showing them off, but neither do I live in clothes to hide them, leggings are a great way to wear dresses and show the shape of your legs while keeping covered.

The key is finding what you want to show without going too far out of your comfort zone. I also think a large part of body confidence is ignoring what the media and society says about women and their clothe size. I am sick of seeing magazines that say someone is too fat one week and too skinny the next week, I am sick of women who say they love and embrace their curves and then go on a diet to loose a lot of weight. I am not on about people who change for an actual reason, I have taken up hoop dancing for fun and I can loose myself in the flow and music for hours at a time, so any loss of weight is almost the consequence of me having fun, not the aim. I think if you aim is just to be thinner or curvier or whatever it is you want, it is not enough, you need to be happy and healthy and not focus on what is acceptable in terms of weight. I know it is not always easy either but once you accept what you have then happiness soon follows and so does confidence in your body.

Your body is yours to do as you wish so don't take my ramblings as a bad thing, but I wish people would be more happier with how they look, because ultimately it is part of who you are. When you start to accept your body and feel confident, everything seems a lot easier, because you let go of those little niggles in your head that told you, that you didn't look right, or good enough!

Stay happy and positive,

Lots of Love