Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My Eye Mask - AKA the best purchase ever!

I always get sore eyes and I figured maybe if I could sleep in complete darkness it would make a difference to the skin around my eyes. Especially as my curtains let through the street lights and it gets annoying! I got this one from TKMaxx for around the £4 mark. I liked it because there was this little gel pocket you could take in and out and freeze. Meaning when my eyes get really sore after a long day of looking at computers I could cool them down.
 The eye mask itself has cushion foam pads around the bottom of the eyes to make it as comfortable as possible and is completely black out! No light gets in at all! It is fully adjustable and has a velvet like feel inside so it is nice and soft!
I have to say I love this and considering I get bad eyes every few months its really nice to know they can have a good rest in complete darkness. Especially with a little soothing coldness too. I use this all the time now, when I want to have a good deep sleep, if I am trying to sleep during the day and its still light, or I want to rest for 20 mins and have my eyes take a break from strong lights and computer screens! It really makes a difference for me, and this is possibly one of the best things I have brought in a long time!

Have you ever tried sleeping with and eye mask on?

Lots of Love