Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lush Karma Bubble Bar - Review

I have had to have my shower removed from my bathroom so out came my haul of lush goodies (which I realised I haven't put in a post yet) because I can have more baths now! After trying a few different lush bath bombs I really wanted to try a bubble bar. 

This is the Karma Bubble Bar and I love it for the very obvious citrus smell! I love anything that is citrusy smelling, and grapefruit is possibly one of my favorite smells in the world! 

The Karma Bubble Bar smells of sweet citrus and patchouli. Its really uplifting and really invigorating. I looked around at how to use the bubble bar and it seems you crush a small amount of the bar under running water the make the bubbles. I got a lot of bubbles with the Karma Bar and it also turned the bath a satisfying orange colour! 

For me the crumble method did not work so well and I have found if you break up the bubble bar in a small bag and then crumble it while in the bag, if you run it under water then, you get a much better bubble bath result. 

All in all I like the bubble bar I thought it would be a really exspensive way to have a bubble bath but actually you can use such a small amount of the bar to get a really good bubbly bath! Its still more exspensive then a £1 bottle of bubble bath but its much more luxurious and honestly the scent sells it to me alone! 

Whats your favorite item from lush? 

Lots of Love