Thursday, 27 March 2014

I Don't Understand!

Get ready for an unloading of shite from me right now! I have no where else to vent this out! I might even include pictures to make me feel a little better about the crap spewing out of kids mouths today on the bus. 

I am 25 in a couple of months and I over heard a conversation on the bus between two young guys anywhere between the ages of 16-20 difficult to tell but obviously they were very immature with what they were saying. It could also be I'm a bit of an old fart at heart and don't understand that this is just how 'kids' talk now! 

These lads were the kind to sneak on a bus and hold everyone up by not showing tickets when I'm sat there thinking 'come on just buy a ticket I'm already late for work because I've been in the hospital' granted I was moody today but I had reasons! 

So we eventually left to bus stop and started going through town. I was casually trying to find a song to play on my journey when I heard 'Urgh her legs' I thought nothing of it until the guy carried on with 'yeah legs that bit Urgh sick. I would throw up if she came near me' I was disgusted and wondering who the hell they were on about they have no right to pass judgment on people. As it happens while we were stopped at a light the girl they were on about walked past the bus she seemed pretty probably around a size 16 and she was joking and playing around with what only I can assume was her boyfriend. Again all I heard was 'she's sick those legs I would blow chunks if I had to tap that. Look that guy could tap anything he wanted and he's tapping that'

It just left me shocked is that how teenagers today view girls and is that how they really speak about each other! The idea of having sex with a 'big' girl repulsed them. All I could think was they didn't know a lot about women's sizes and body types! Not everyone has that enviable (and in my opinion unsightly) thigh gap. Not everyone is super model thin you cut out a lot of great girls thinking like that. Beauty comes in all shapes and I remember the days where boys were thankful you hung out with them let alone chose to have sex with them!

It made me think how upset she might have been if she could actually hear them. How it might crush her spirit and confidence. How it only takes one comment to break someone. It made me realise how happy I am to have my old soul. Things like that don't upset me now  I know I am the best I can be and I own it ! I feel sorry that the younger generation doesn't have this mentality and there's no real place to learn it. I wish there was a scheme at schools that got kids at their most vulnerable stages and taught them about self love and respect for others. 

The conversation between the guys also made me wonder about how they viewed sex too. Sex was obviously about showing off you got the 'hot girl' you 'tapped that' which isn't a good thing. Sex is not a conquest it's an enjoyable act between two people. It shouldn't be about showing off or bragging rights. It's a sign of love! I was happy that the person I assume is the girls boyfriend wasn't bothered about her size (I suppose there are good people in the world of teenagers) he enjoyed his time with her and that was that.

I left that bus wondering if this kind of thing is going on a lot? I know when I was younger I was a bit of a nerd and probably more concerned with what Pokemon I was going to pick then whether I was having sex or not (I wasn't is the answer!) I wondered if this is the kind of things a lot of young kids face ridicule over your looks? The pressure and stigma associated with sex? The crass language guys use! It made me wonder what will happen in a few years time will they carry on this behaviour into adulthood or even worse what will the next generation be like? 

What are your thoughts on this?

Lots of Love