Saturday, 1 March 2014

Baking Cookies

I love baking cookies whenever I feel a bit distracted and I am worried about something! I think it is a mixture of the smell of cookies and doing something home made that can help me forget my worries!
This is possibly one of the easiest recipes I have ever used and there's no eggs! So if like me you were a bit skint but you had the basic ingredients you could still make these.

All you need is Flour, Butter, Sugar and whatever you want in your cookie I chose this galaxy chocolate because it had almonds and hazel nuts in it. You could even swap the chocolate for raisins and if like me you use a dairy free butter alternative you would have some dairy free cookies to enjoy!

I used my little Russian Doll measuring cups and did 1 cup of self raising flour 2/3 a cup of sugar 4 Big spoons of butter and about 6 chunks of chocolate broke up into little bits!

I mixed the flour sugar and butter together (I added butter until I had a smooth dough like consistency so use my measurement as a guide) and then I added the chocolate.

Cook in an oven for 15-20 mins on 180degrees. You should be left with soft cookies with a crispy edge. Just the way I like them!

Mine spread quite a lot and became like one massive oddly shaped cookie. So I just broke them up and served them like that!

Let of know if you try this recipe!

Lots of Love