Thursday, 27 March 2014

I Don't Understand!

Get ready for an unloading of shite from me right now! I have no where else to vent this out! I might even include pictures to make me feel a little better about the crap spewing out of kids mouths today on the bus. 

I am 25 in a couple of months and I over heard a conversation on the bus between two young guys anywhere between the ages of 16-20 difficult to tell but obviously they were very immature with what they were saying. It could also be I'm a bit of an old fart at heart and don't understand that this is just how 'kids' talk now! 

These lads were the kind to sneak on a bus and hold everyone up by not showing tickets when I'm sat there thinking 'come on just buy a ticket I'm already late for work because I've been in the hospital' granted I was moody today but I had reasons! 

So we eventually left to bus stop and started going through town. I was casually trying to find a song to play on my journey when I heard 'Urgh her legs' I thought nothing of it until the guy carried on with 'yeah legs that bit Urgh sick. I would throw up if she came near me' I was disgusted and wondering who the hell they were on about they have no right to pass judgment on people. As it happens while we were stopped at a light the girl they were on about walked past the bus she seemed pretty probably around a size 16 and she was joking and playing around with what only I can assume was her boyfriend. Again all I heard was 'she's sick those legs I would blow chunks if I had to tap that. Look that guy could tap anything he wanted and he's tapping that'

It just left me shocked is that how teenagers today view girls and is that how they really speak about each other! The idea of having sex with a 'big' girl repulsed them. All I could think was they didn't know a lot about women's sizes and body types! Not everyone has that enviable (and in my opinion unsightly) thigh gap. Not everyone is super model thin you cut out a lot of great girls thinking like that. Beauty comes in all shapes and I remember the days where boys were thankful you hung out with them let alone chose to have sex with them!

It made me think how upset she might have been if she could actually hear them. How it might crush her spirit and confidence. How it only takes one comment to break someone. It made me realise how happy I am to have my old soul. Things like that don't upset me now  I know I am the best I can be and I own it ! I feel sorry that the younger generation doesn't have this mentality and there's no real place to learn it. I wish there was a scheme at schools that got kids at their most vulnerable stages and taught them about self love and respect for others. 

The conversation between the guys also made me wonder about how they viewed sex too. Sex was obviously about showing off you got the 'hot girl' you 'tapped that' which isn't a good thing. Sex is not a conquest it's an enjoyable act between two people. It shouldn't be about showing off or bragging rights. It's a sign of love! I was happy that the person I assume is the girls boyfriend wasn't bothered about her size (I suppose there are good people in the world of teenagers) he enjoyed his time with her and that was that.

I left that bus wondering if this kind of thing is going on a lot? I know when I was younger I was a bit of a nerd and probably more concerned with what Pokemon I was going to pick then whether I was having sex or not (I wasn't is the answer!) I wondered if this is the kind of things a lot of young kids face ridicule over your looks? The pressure and stigma associated with sex? The crass language guys use! It made me wonder what will happen in a few years time will they carry on this behaviour into adulthood or even worse what will the next generation be like? 

What are your thoughts on this?

Lots of Love



Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My Eye Mask - AKA the best purchase ever!

I always get sore eyes and I figured maybe if I could sleep in complete darkness it would make a difference to the skin around my eyes. Especially as my curtains let through the street lights and it gets annoying! I got this one from TKMaxx for around the £4 mark. I liked it because there was this little gel pocket you could take in and out and freeze. Meaning when my eyes get really sore after a long day of looking at computers I could cool them down.
 The eye mask itself has cushion foam pads around the bottom of the eyes to make it as comfortable as possible and is completely black out! No light gets in at all! It is fully adjustable and has a velvet like feel inside so it is nice and soft!
I have to say I love this and considering I get bad eyes every few months its really nice to know they can have a good rest in complete darkness. Especially with a little soothing coldness too. I use this all the time now, when I want to have a good deep sleep, if I am trying to sleep during the day and its still light, or I want to rest for 20 mins and have my eyes take a break from strong lights and computer screens! It really makes a difference for me, and this is possibly one of the best things I have brought in a long time!

Have you ever tried sleeping with and eye mask on?

Lots of Love


Friday, 21 March 2014

How Much Does My Face Cost 21/03/14

Today's face was a little bit of an experiment before work. I was trying out a primer a BB cream and fiber mascara! Lots of testing out! It was also kind of to see if I can get away with just a BB cream as I will be going on a ghost hunt this weekend and don't want to take a lot  with me to Liverpool. 

On my face I have 

Seventeen Stay Time Primer £5.49
Dr Jarrt BB cream - I have a small 15ml that works out to around £11
Wet n wild mineral powder. £1
Seventeen blush in plum puff £3.49
Hoola bronzer £23.50
Revlon grow luscious mascara in black £9.99
Magnifibers (depending on where you buy it) £15
Maybelline colour tattoo in permanent taupe £4.99
Soap and glory green eyeliner £5
Soap and glory black eyeliner £5
Rimmel lipstick in celeb £1 (I think it's a discounted colour it was in my local pound store)

Total Cost £85.46

Not too bad really considering Theresa few more expensive items in the mix today!
I am really gutted you couldn't see my green eyeliner on the bottom lash line! I really wanted to try something new and colourful! 

Lots of love


Sunday, 16 March 2014

Positivity Sunday - Body Confidence

This subject is not an easy one to talk about. Everyone has their own body hang ups and I know I have things that I am not 100% happy about but I am still confident in my body! It might seems like a really odd thing to say especially as there are thinks I don't like but my body is my own and I love it all the same!

I have big boobs (a massive E cup that at times I think are too big) I have a small waist in comparison to my boobs and hips!! But I border between a size 12 and 14 depending on where I shop! I think that confidence can come from owning what you have, if you have a killer pair of hips and a smalls waist show it off with a fitted shirt to show of your figure, or if you have an impressive rack, there's nothing wrong with showing off a bit of cleavage now and again!

My hang up has always been my legs, I have quite large thighs from playing badminton and muscular calves for the same reason! Lots of lunges made for powerful legs! I also have quite bad skin on my legs from eczema so I never really like showing them off, but neither do I live in clothes to hide them, leggings are a great way to wear dresses and show the shape of your legs while keeping covered.

The key is finding what you want to show without going too far out of your comfort zone. I also think a large part of body confidence is ignoring what the media and society says about women and their clothe size. I am sick of seeing magazines that say someone is too fat one week and too skinny the next week, I am sick of women who say they love and embrace their curves and then go on a diet to loose a lot of weight. I am not on about people who change for an actual reason, I have taken up hoop dancing for fun and I can loose myself in the flow and music for hours at a time, so any loss of weight is almost the consequence of me having fun, not the aim. I think if you aim is just to be thinner or curvier or whatever it is you want, it is not enough, you need to be happy and healthy and not focus on what is acceptable in terms of weight. I know it is not always easy either but once you accept what you have then happiness soon follows and so does confidence in your body.

Your body is yours to do as you wish so don't take my ramblings as a bad thing, but I wish people would be more happier with how they look, because ultimately it is part of who you are. When you start to accept your body and feel confident, everything seems a lot easier, because you let go of those little niggles in your head that told you, that you didn't look right, or good enough!

Stay happy and positive,

Lots of Love



Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lush Karma Bubble Bar - Review

I have had to have my shower removed from my bathroom so out came my haul of lush goodies (which I realised I haven't put in a post yet) because I can have more baths now! After trying a few different lush bath bombs I really wanted to try a bubble bar. 

This is the Karma Bubble Bar and I love it for the very obvious citrus smell! I love anything that is citrusy smelling, and grapefruit is possibly one of my favorite smells in the world! 

The Karma Bubble Bar smells of sweet citrus and patchouli. Its really uplifting and really invigorating. I looked around at how to use the bubble bar and it seems you crush a small amount of the bar under running water the make the bubbles. I got a lot of bubbles with the Karma Bar and it also turned the bath a satisfying orange colour! 

For me the crumble method did not work so well and I have found if you break up the bubble bar in a small bag and then crumble it while in the bag, if you run it under water then, you get a much better bubble bath result. 

All in all I like the bubble bar I thought it would be a really exspensive way to have a bubble bath but actually you can use such a small amount of the bar to get a really good bubbly bath! Its still more exspensive then a £1 bottle of bubble bath but its much more luxurious and honestly the scent sells it to me alone! 

Whats your favorite item from lush? 

Lots of Love



Sunday, 9 March 2014

Positivity Sunday - Never Feel Bad For What You Do.

This week you may have realised I have not blogged at all. I am not going to feel bad about this, I used to get so wound up about these things and Ive realised all it does is get me even more stressed and this week I did not need that at all!

So I am going to say I will never feel bad for spending all my spare time pretty much doing nothing and relaxing! After a week from hell pretty much I am happy to say I am glad to just sit back and relax and not put all the pressure on myself. Which brings me to my positive thought of the day.

Whether this be something small like spending your free time watching Pokemon on Netflix or something more important. I have always spent so much time stressing myself out over decisions I have made because I am always worried about how other people may react. I have always been a people pleaser so it has always been difficult for me to not think this way. I always worry about what people think or might say. It wasn't until me and Pawl made a very difficult decision in our life that I realised how bad this way of thinking was. Our decision was made because it is what was best for us. For months I thought about how disappointed people must be in us and it didn't make things any easier. Always stressing about what people may think just leads to a world of stress and even sickness.

It was the same when I was at university, I knew in my second year I did not want to be there and by my third year I was still there saying things like 'my mom would be so upset and disappointed' or the old 'everyone says what a waste it will be if I don't finish' When in reality the waste was that I spent a year in a place I didn't like to please people I didn't need to please. All I needed to do was make myself happy. I think it is an important life lesson that some people will not learn until they are faced with difficulty but if you can try to put yourself first and do the things that make you happy you should have no regrets in life. And if it something that made you happy or was for the right reasons no one should make you feel bad for doing it.

So stop trying to please other people and look after number one for a change!! And I will be going now to watch some more Pokemon and working my way through all the series of Heroes ready for when it returns next year!

Stay Positive and Happy

Lots of Love


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Positivity Sunday - Not Everyone Has The Answers

I am one of those people in life that has no idea what I want to do or where I want to go. I always felt (and still do at times) that I wasn't quite as good as the people who had it all figured out. The people at 17 who knew what they were going to do at Uni and what job they wanted and what they had to do to get there. I just had no clue, even now I am hopelessly clueless trying different things as they come.

I think it is worse that we are pressured into making big decisions about our futures at such a young age, if I am perfectly honest I only went to Uni because I was told I should, 'I would never get anywhere in life if I didn't go' In my opinion these are terrible things to plant in young minds. I always thought I would be a failure if I didnt go to uni, so I shipped myself off spend three years studying something I had no passion for and left with no degree. Not that I didnt enjoy my time there, the social aspect is great, but further education was not for me, and I wish there was someone who would have said, that hard work and dedication could get you places in other every day jobs. 

I wish that schools these days talked about different options and what else there is to do, but I didnt have that so instead I left uni with no degree and returned to work at Matalan. I now work at a different job I work in a book makers so theres lots of numbers, odds, customer banter and lots of new skills to learn! I have now progressed to a level 2.5 cashier meaning I can be used as a deputy manager if none are available. 

I just think people shouldnt get hung up if they do not have a specific life plan. I am 25 and I still do not have one, I am going to try and open my own card/balloon shop with a friend but again I have no real future plans for that, we are doing it for ourselves, for the challenge and the enjoyment of working for ourselves! Not necessarily to have a big future chain of shops! 

I also have no plans for life yet, no idea if I want to get married or have children. I am just living my life and going along my journey! I know at times people struggle with not knowing what you want and if you are an organised planned step person that thought may terrify you, but I have to say one positive thing about not knowing what you want is you are open to so much more! 

I would only have dreamt about opening my own shop and now me and my friend are taking our first steps into making it a reality. So many hidden opportunities can come when the plan goes wrong, me and Pawl never planned on living together it is something that happened and has been the best thing ever. 

Not knowing is not a bad thing, I think it is a positive thing because you can try out so much to find something you love. And when you find that thing, the world and everything else will make sense, because you will finally know what you want. It may take us indecisive minds longer to get there, and we may be side tracked by the internet and funny youtube videos, but we will get there and we will have fun doing it! 

So my positive thinking for this week can not be summed up any better, then by these words from Jenna Marbles! (Videos that I have spent many hours watching not knowing what else to do)

Just take life one day at a time and enjoy whatever comes your way. 

Stay happy and Positive ^_^

Lots of Love 



Saturday, 1 March 2014

Baking Cookies

I love baking cookies whenever I feel a bit distracted and I am worried about something! I think it is a mixture of the smell of cookies and doing something home made that can help me forget my worries!
This is possibly one of the easiest recipes I have ever used and there's no eggs! So if like me you were a bit skint but you had the basic ingredients you could still make these.

All you need is Flour, Butter, Sugar and whatever you want in your cookie I chose this galaxy chocolate because it had almonds and hazel nuts in it. You could even swap the chocolate for raisins and if like me you use a dairy free butter alternative you would have some dairy free cookies to enjoy!

I used my little Russian Doll measuring cups and did 1 cup of self raising flour 2/3 a cup of sugar 4 Big spoons of butter and about 6 chunks of chocolate broke up into little bits!

I mixed the flour sugar and butter together (I added butter until I had a smooth dough like consistency so use my measurement as a guide) and then I added the chocolate.

Cook in an oven for 15-20 mins on 180degrees. You should be left with soft cookies with a crispy edge. Just the way I like them!

Mine spread quite a lot and became like one massive oddly shaped cookie. So I just broke them up and served them like that!

Let of know if you try this recipe!

Lots of Love