Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Perfect Pampering Bath

I had never really been a bath kind of girl! Even as a child I always found a shower more fun (I used to pretend I was standing under a waterfall) and as an adult showers are just faster and easier. It wasnt until me and pawl moved into our house and about two days later our shower broke that I really started to get into baths! I now try to have one relaxing bath a week (usually a Sunday) and I thought I would share a few of what makes my bath my 'special pamper' time! 
I usually put in whatever bubble bath I have to hand mostly it is some variation of Radox, but lately I have been using a few lush bath bombs, just to mix things up a bit and give myself a real treat. I always light a candle or two, I get my candles mostly from TKMaxx, I really love anything that is fruity, minty or a light nice scent. This one is mint and eucalyptus and I love it so much. Its great at relaxing me and it just makes a bath feel that much better with a candle burning! If anyone has any really nice bargain candles or great scents let me know, I am always looking for new candles! 

For my hair, I am really sticking to two products. A cleansing shampoo, something to try and help get rid of colour build up, I really love this one from bleach london, and then a really good deep conditioning mask. This Lee Staford one works like a dream, my hair always feels softer and I really do feel like this helps my hair grow, Ive gone through about four tubs and I really love it. I am at the end of this tub and I need to get myself another one! 

I love to sit with this on for around ten minutes and I just sit and watch youtube and just spend maybe 20 minutes (sometimes longer) just being by myself! 

What do you do for a bit of pampering time? 

Lots of Love