Sunday, 23 February 2014

Positivity Sunday

Welcome to my new blog segment!

Every Sunday I will post something to be positive about or tips on how you can be more positive, or something I need to work on. 

My life has taken quite a turn at the end of last year and I had a lot of bad things to over come, and a lot of horrible feelings festering inside me. I have, with the help of my friends and family started to come out of my slump. I figured it would be a nice addition to my blog if I wrote about positivity! Anything that has made me feel better that week any mind-set I have that has improved my thinking, or just some nice words that cheered me up! 

So for my first week here it is. 


A new activity can really make a difference to what you feel, it can help take your mind off things, or give you something new to concentrate on. I started going to a pub quiz with Pawl in November. At first we would always go together but it didnt take me long to be able to go without Pawl which was even better for me, I had always been the kind of person with little friends, and most of the people I know now are from Pawl (most of my friends from uni do not live by me so I see them maybe once a year) it was great for me to make new friends that I feel are mine as well as Pawls. Meeting new people and having a nice carefree and fun time without any pressure or stress is great help. 

It is nice to escape for an hour or two and go to some place different. ipIt takes my mind of things and if I am having a bad week its a good chance to have a laugh! Whether your 'new thing' is big or small it all helps to spice up life. 

Have fun, and stay positive guys ^_^

 Lots Of Love