Saturday, 8 February 2014

Next - Rose Gold Watch

I have had some Next vouchers burning a hole in my pocket for the longest time! I'm not really a lover of Next for my everyday clothes, however I have always maintained that if I worked in my own clothes I would shop at next because I think their clothes are smart and nice, just not for me to wear everyday. So I have been trying to think for ages what I could spend them on!!

I was having a little mooch on the website wondering if I could order something in to the store from the sale stuff when I decided to look at the watches. Ive owned a few watches but never really loved them, they have always been for the practical aspect of having a watch! So when I saw the Next rose gold offering I decided I had to have it right away.

 The way the light has hit it here it looks silver! But trust me its a lovely rose gold. You can tell more clearly in the picture below. There the big main dial and three smaller dials. It looks a lot more expensive then its £24. However sadly I don't think the three smaller dials move, although in my instructions it does say they can move but I cant figure it out yet! (To me they really do look decorative dials!)
And here's its rose gold glory!! The watch strap is a bit big for me, and in all honesty could do with having a link or two taken out because I have tiny wrists!

For now I love it and I'm really glad I got it, I feel so stylish with it, and I know it is classic looking enough to dress up a check shirt and jeans or glam up little black dress on a night out! For now I love having a watch that is aesthetically pleasing as much as it is functional! I am not 100% sure why but this exact watch is not on the next website :( you may have to look in store to find it. However there really is some beautiful rose gold watches on their website and you can have a look at them here.

What are your favourite accessories to wear?

Lots of Love