Friday, 28 February 2014

Nail Of The Day

Oh I am in love with my models own nail polishes that I scored in my haul the other day! The glitters are seriously impressive and I love love love them!

I decided to wear both glitters on my nails as I just could not decide which one to wear first!

L-R Models Own Northern Lights and Models Own Dancing Queen

I just love these, Dancing Queen has just enough glitter particles to look like a good nail polish by itself, but would look equally great over greens, golds and pretty much any colour, and Northern Lights, with 2 good coats gives amazing glitter pay off. It is one of the most beautiful colours I have ever seen I cant wait to use it more and have it next to a dusty pink. I think it will really look exquisite.

What Nail polishes are you loving lately?

Lots of Love