Saturday, 8 February 2014

Life Changes

Sometimes in your life you just have to stop and say 'Is this really what I want?' It gets scary when you say no and decide to make changes. Me and Pawl are going through this right now. Actually me and Pawl went to a uni open day. He wants to study drama or musical theater. He's been in bands and on stage for around 15 years and really wants to explore what he can do. I am all for it. I went to uni and I hated it because I wasn't there because I wanted to be rather just people told me I had to go to uni! But he will be there for the right reasons (considering he gets accepted) and it makes a huge difference if you want to be learning. I never got my degree because I left in my third year! However I have every confidence Pawl will take advantage of the opportunity!

He is so nervous about it all because it means a lot to him. I can't wait for him to get a degree and start making positive a positive change in his life.

For me I really want to start looking into running my own business. I've been chatting to a friend that wants to do this too and we pretty much came up with a business idea and plan within an afternoon. All I've been thinking since is how I want to do it for real. I hate working for other people,well big corporations, and my current job may be putting me into a degree of danger I am not happy with. Especially considering the other things I want in my life! I may be required to work at night in a betting shop and where peoples money is concerned I consider it to be a dangerous thing to do. I've seen people react badly and there are multiple robberies in the industry and sadly even deaths and being by myself is not something I want to do. Especially as I have a family. I have my partner and my stepson and maybe in a year or two my own little one. I know I want my own baby one day but the timing will have to be right. At the moment it is all wrong!

And while I am mumbling and dreaming of what I want with my life a house I actually own would be nice!

What are some of your life dreams?

Lots of Love