Thursday, 13 February 2014

Its The Little Things.

When I am surrounded with uncertainty in my life I always stop and try to enjoy all the little things I sometimes take for granted. 1. Chill Time. Taking an hour out of life and enjoying a book and hot chocolate, or running a steaming hot bath and tv catch up. Its really important in life to make time for yourself. Whether that is 10mins or an hour it is nice to either forget the world or stop and think your next step.

2. A night out. Every Thursday with a group of friends me and Pawl will go to a pub quiz. It is nice to spend with friends having a bit of a laugh. Although sometimes it feels like a chore because we in every week. It is nice to spend a few hours away from home, with other people and just being in a different environment! I love going because sometimes I just don't want to be at home!
3. Finding the time to be together. I don't know about anyone else but when I moved in with Pawl things quickly became routine. Wake up go to work, come back make food, go to bed. Some days there really isn't a lot more that goes on! I try to mix it up, cook our favorite meals, or try to play the xbox with him (I an now a fan of the lego games) and just spend time doing things together. Sometimes it can be a night out at a gig (like the pic below) that reminds of about everything I love in him and sometimes it can be chatting about us and how our life together is going and our plans. Either way I think it is important to remember why you fell in love!
I think it is important to always stop and take note of where you are. Life sometimes throws us problems and obstacles and before we know it, we feel lost. Or we feel we live in a life with routine and nothing else. I think at the moment I feel so unsure about things that its important to me to be doing something I like and remembering why I do the things I do! If I didn't do these things I seriously think I would loose my mind! How do you make sure you are on the right path? Lots of Love Kerri x