Monday, 24 February 2014

How Much Did My Face Cost Today?

It has been a very long time since I have done a 'How Much Did My Face Cost' post, so I figured why not dust it off and re-do one of my favorite posts!

Please excuse all messy backgrounds, when me and Pawl moved into our house I laid claim to what was the 'front living room' there's two and we just didn't need them so I said I would take it and have it as my makeup/blogging/book room and he would keep his amp and guitars in there. Since then an antique dining table (with no chairs) two dismantled beds, three previous tenants letters, and a darth vader potato head, there is also a Boba Fett life size cardboard cutout. I secretly love those last two additions, I am pretty happy with them!! Rather then being the room I envisioned blogging out of, it turned into a massive junk room! Trust me although this is messy is is the best view I can give you!! Other then my washing drying on the radiator!!

So onto the facial products!!

Foundation - Rimmel Match Perfection - Ivory - £5 (on offer at the time)
Concealer - Benefit Fake Up - Light - £18.50
Blusher - Seventeen Plum Puff - £3.49
Bronzer - Benefit Hoola - £23.50
Eyes - Urban Decay Naked 2 -Foxy and Tease - £37
Eyeliner - Seventeen Make Your Mark Eyeliner - Black - £3.99
Mascara - Rimmel Lash Accelerator - Black - £7.99
Lips - Lime Crime Velvetine - Red Velvet - £13.50

Total Cost £112.97

WOW. Now this seems like an excessive amount especially since I have struggled this month with money as I had unexpected things to pay for!! I could really have done with that £100 right about now! However I do always find that when I have not worn makeup for a while I really slap on the more expensive stuff and out comes a lot of Benefit cosmetics! I just can not get enough of them! I also love using seventeen lately they have really upped their game with some of their latest products! I especially want to get my eyebrows re-shaped (they are looking a bit unruly) and really test out their eyebrow kit!

How much is your makeup face worth? Send me a link if you have ever done this type of post!

Lots of Love