Friday, 14 February 2014

1 Month of Hoop Dance

Well almost...5 days left to be exact! I have really been enjoying my hoop dane and feel I have learnt a fair bit, I really need to find a big open space and get some off body moves perfected.   

Ive got to say it is a great hobby and even after paying rather alot of money for a hula hoop (around £20) it has been worth it! I can feel my muscles starting to work harder and I have high hopes this will help me tone up. Im not about loosing weight Im happy with my shape its just not as defined as it once was! 

This was my hoops first battle wound! I was so gutted but now it is covered in scratches and scuffs and is the perfect beginner hoop. I have a 20mm 40inch hoop, its lighter then some beginner hoops so I can do some off body work but at 40inch its a bit difficult to get isolations down. But being 40inch means on body moves are slower meaning I can practise them better and get the hang of how the hoop moves. I do plan on making my own so I can try different sizes I just need some spare money and time!! 

I already have one very small 1minute video of me on youtube playing around with my hoop but I am thinking of filming one, for one month of hooping. I would like to do it almost as a log/diary of moves I learn and how I progress! 

All in all I am happy to say I kept my new hobby up and have not given up on it yet! Has anyone else tried anything new this year? How are you getting on with it? 

Lots of Love