Monday, 6 January 2014

Urban Outfitters,Mental Health Doesn't Belong On A T-shirt


When I saw this image pop up on daisy chain dreams, I thought Laura had to be joking. I just couldnt believe any company would make clothes that glorify mental health issues. Depression and eating disorders are no joking matter and the fact that a company will stock these tops is shocking. Its even more shocking to me that its urban outfitters. A brand that up until now I associated with all those cool and hip clothes I wanted and so many others lust after. The depression top is horrific but the eat less top is a whole lot worse for me personally. Eating disorders are already a complicated mess, besides all the shocking thinspo pictures Ive seen, having a top on the high street that tells you to eat less, doesnt sent out a positive message. As someone who uses food to cope and has issues with food I find this to be a big insult. People are campaigning so much to stop pro-ana sites and then this kind of shit makes it into shops.  What kind of message do these tops send out to people?

I am aware that these tops may have been round for a while but it just begs the question WHY have they not been taken off sale.

Please if you suffer from any of these issues share it with someone whether that be a friend a doctor or taking help from websites. These places can help, and I am always a tweet or email away.

If you suffer from depression please visit there is a list full of groups and its sorted by area. 

B-eat is a great source for help for people suffering eating disorders not just anorexia. The online message boards offer great support.


Edit - neither shirt is being stocked by UO anymore but I think it is safe to say from the reactions on line the damage has been done by stocking these shirts in the first place.