Sunday, 19 January 2014

This Week I......

Worked alot mostly! Is the serious answer! Other then that I played around a lot with my naked palette and Im going to make some videos and blog posts on how versatile they are, especially as I didnt buy one for ao long because I thought that it was a bit unexciting and restricting with all those neautrals. But oh how wrong I was!

My hoola hoop also came on thursday so I am ready to get down to teaching myself hoop dance! I had a bit of a play on thursday but today has been my real day of getting down to it! I spent about 4 hours hooping today and filmed a little 1min video on my Ipad showing that I could get the hoop off my body without hitting myself! Ive not mastered anything yet but I am having such a fun time getting fit! 

Having a little rest inbetween hooping! 

Having hugs with the ever so soft and lovely Hyde ^_^

I also woke up today and realised the purple has gone from my hair and its a pale blue......that blue I had ages ago refuses to go away! So tonight I am going to put the purple back in! 

After my bath I am going to carry on with my crocheting! Im currently making a cushion :) 

It started off as a square cushion so Im rather impressed with it! Im a bit further on then this and I cant wait to show you the finished project! 

Lots of Love