Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday Was Made For Relaxing!

Ahhhhh I love a good lazy sunday! I have spent all day in my pj's! Ooooops!

Today marked the first day of mine and Pawls week off, its great to have some time together! We organised some days out, tuesday we will be eating with Pawls dad and step mom, then Wednesday breakfast out with Pawls mom and step dad and then we will be watching a film! Im thinking the secret life of walter mitty or anchorman 2. 

Today we have not done a huge amount we slept until about 12 because we have been so tired the last week, Pawl then popped on Harry Potter on the xbox and I was teaching him what all the spells did. Especially as I caught him trying to stupefy a dementor! We then played an epic amount of batman lego. 

I have now sat down to watch dancing on ice, come on Ray Quinn! He was always my favourite because he just seemed a natural and so talented at it all! If you watch Dancing on Ice who are you rooting for? 

We have also been looking at the sun holidays for £9.50 we are keeping it in the UK so if any of you have tried these bargain holidays can you recommend any that are good? I hope we can get one because this will probably be the only way we can get a family holiday! And it will be my first holiday in about 6 years!! 

I hope you have all had a great weekend :) 

lots of Love 


X x