Saturday, 18 January 2014

Naughty Purchase!

I got myself my first ever naked palette the otherday! It was naughty of me and even as I was handing over my card to pay I was wondering why! But life is too short and sometimes you just need a treat! I got my naked 2 from debenhams. You can order it here.

I have to say I already own two of the colours in another palette, YDk and Half Baked and I love them. But I never reach for it so Im glad to see them in here. I will probably sell the other one now! I also love foxy and the black shade is amazing. Im surprised how versatile a palette full of neutrals is. Its the reason I never jumped on the naked bandwagon! In my head it didnt make sense! Now I totally get it! Saying that theres no way Im getting naked 3 I dont think the pink hues will suit me and I think it looks ugly! I shared that feeling with the girl on the counter and she agreed with me! The only other person I have met that dislikes naked 3! She had fun trying it on me because of my pale hair blue eyes and pink toned skin it just didnt work as well as 1 or 2! What is your favourite naked offering? Lots of Love Kerri x