Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lush Bath Bomb - Butter Ball

I firstly have to apologise for not posting anything the last few days. If you have followed my blog for a while you may know I am prone to eye problems. It just so happened I got some cat fur in my eye and even while my mom has three cats and we have always had pet cats I am slightly allergic to them. So getting fur in my eye was not the best thing for it! Anyway onto a review as that's what your all here for!

This believe it or not is my first lush bath bomb. I took a little video on instagram of it fizzing away. Now not ever having a lush bath bomb before I had no idea what to expect. I loved to watch it disappear but was actually gutted there were no bubbles! However it is a butter ball and I should not have expected that really! What you do get is a lovely vanilla scented oil in the bath. The scent of this is the main reason I got this bath bomb even in the overpowering scent of the small shop I was in this smelt amazing. In happy to say it doesn't smell like an artificial smell it smells all natural and extremely yummy!

I loved relaxing in the bath and having a soak. I was worried that the oil in the bath would soak into my hair and make it greasy, which has happened to me with other bath oil products. I am happy to report that didn't happen so two thumbs up for lush there.

I also liked how supple and soft my skin felt in the bath it made light exfoliating easier and my skin felt super soft after the bath. I had no irritation to my sensitive skin my eczema did itch a little a few minutes after my bath however I will say it was actually nice for my legs to feel soft.

I have to say for my first lush bath experience I am a very happy girl.

I do have to mention because of the oil my bath tub was very slippery even with a rubber mat to stop of slipping! But it is just something to be careful about and is not really a bad point about the butter ball!

At £2.50 its not the cheapest bath experience ever but it is one of the nicer ones and will definitely be picked up next time I am in lush. 

What's your favorite lush bath bomb?

Lots of Love