Saturday, 4 January 2014

L'oreal Glam Shine Lip Stain in Juliet - Review

Today I am reviewing the L'oreal glam shine lip stain in shade 300 Juliet. I have wanted to try these lip stains out for ages and it has taken me so long to finally get my hands on them! I own two shades of the l'oreal glam shine, I have Juliet which I am reviewing today and I have Lolita.

Juliet is a lovely red lip stain. I love a good red lip and whenever I try new stains or glosses I do gravitate to red shades now! Theres just something I love about a nice red lip!

 I love the packaging of these the gold makes it seem so extravagant and exspensive and I am a big fan of any packaging that allows you to see the colour without opening the packaging. I just love the styling of this tube, also the wand is really nice, instead of the normal doe foot applicator it almost looks like a mini upside down heart, which if you have used any of the glam shine products you will be familiar with it.

When I put the glam shine stain on my lips I was so confused it almost feels like I am applying water to my lips, it is so lightweight and feels like nothing! I didnt even think there was a stain to it, until I wiped it on my hand then tried to take it off and it had stained!

It is a beautiful red colour.I love how bright and vibrant it is, and also how glossy it is on first application even though it is a stain.

It lasts a surprisingly long time! The stain obviously helps with the staying power, however it does fade middle out. So when you eat and drink the middle of your lips is the first thing to go. However it still fades nicely. I find I can wear this for around 5 hours without having to worry too much about re-applying.

You can buy these at boots, for £7.99 and I have to say this colour is really worth the price tag. Although lolita not so much. So my betting on these are the stronger colours are a big yes the more nude colours you can do without!

Have you tried the L'oreal Glam Shine Lip Stains? Which one is your favorite?

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