Thursday, 9 January 2014

I Am So Excited...

Last night I ordered my dance hoop. Its a 40inch 20mm dance hoop Ive gone for the lighter weight so I can practise dance moves with it, and its coming in lilac and silver. I can not wait! Ive been watching hooping videos for ages and naively brought a hoop that is way too small for me to start with. This is because the bigger the hoop the easier it is to dance and hoop, when I assumed it might be the opposite a small hoop would be easier to keep up! But all the videos and research I have done says the exact opposite! Im just so excited to get it now! Ive been watching videos to keep me motivated and theres some great ones for inspiration. I thought I would share my favourite hoop videos with you all!

I love Deanne Love's videos this one captivates me every time! I love her channel too, hooplovers has a whole online community and theres weekly tutorials for you to learn, she has everything from beginner stuff to advanced stuff!

I do not know the original channel for this one but this girl Rachel is insane!! This is a must watch for anyone! Its brilliant the tricks she can do!

This girl is great she did monthly videos and uploaded them and put comments on what she needed to improve on. Its so great to see that she still put videos up even when she dropped the hoop or completely messed up. It makes it obvious that not everyone is brilliant! So its nice to see someone progress as well as seeing other videos when they just seem perfect!!

Lots of Love


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