Thursday, 2 January 2014

Coping At Work!

As it happens I am sat at work right now taking a break! Roll on 9.30.

Work is a big part of my life and I believe in hard work and doing your best no matter what the job is. I know there are co-workers that can make your job just that much harder.

I figured I would share my tips for coping with them!

1. The big mouth moan about everything type.

We all know the one 'the company is shit' 'my life is so hard'. All I can say about these people is tune them out as much as you can! Have you noticed how they moan about everything but dont do anything to change the situation. They are still there after years of moaning. The best thing to do is pay no attention. The reason they moan is for attention otherwise they would change the situation! One day they will moan to the wrong person and it will get them in trouble.

2. The newbie that thinks they know everything (and is cocky about it!) type.

I worked with one of these types for such a long time! The I run the shop and I know what Im doing talk. Who is blowing their own trumpet for no reason at all! The one I worked with used to brag about being a manager of a sofa place. What he didnt like to say is, it was for 2 days because the company was bankrupt and there were no actual managers to close the shop. So with these if it doesnt affect your work I offer them no help. If you are so good do it yourself! I quite (even if its a little bit wrong) like to see these people get things wrong. It brings them down a peg or two and makes them easier to work with!

3. The busy body suck up type.

The ones that will do anything to be in managements good books. They probably even got that promotion/perk because they sucked up to someone. Stay away from these people they have a long way to fall. You might be tempted to befriend them to see how far it gets you. Do not do it. Hard work is more rewarding and will be recognised better then any favor or association.

4. The lazy but still manages to keep their job type.

Again stay away from these. Any bad habbits they have can rub off on you or worse you can be blamed for making them slack off.  No one likes this kind because if you work hard but then have an off day everyone notices. And yet these guys swan about doing nothing. These people seriously peeve me right off!

In all seriousness I love working with the majority of people. I make friends with them all even if I distance myself from bad behaviours. What kind of workers irritate you?

Lots of Love