Sunday, 5 January 2014


So you may have noticed a bit of a difference on my blog today. Or yesterday if you happened to be nosey nosey on my little blog last night!

I have changed my blog name, and domain and I have even gone full force and changed my google+ and youtube!
I want to carry on with my blog but it is about time it progressed with me, instead of staying what it was 2 or so years ago. I never really put alot of thought into my original blog name 'little pretty things' and people kept getting the words mixed up and it was already associated with other blogs, people would mistakenly call it pretty little things which is a different blog to mine and also a clothes shop, there is also another blog called little pretty things and a little shop that sells chocolate!It just made everything too confusing!

This name is alot more me! At first I wanted to keep my blog anonymous when I didnt want everyone I knew finding out about this blog but now I am not so fussed. I also want to blog about other things then beauty, I want to blog about my life, and the crafts I am into maybe even doing a few updates and reviews on books and films. Who knows what I will end up writing about, but I just new that my blog needed to change with me, especially as the last year my life has changed a lot. I have my family around me more and I live in my own place and I wanted my blog to reflect that, and not still remind me of living in a tiny box room at home!!

I hope you like the changes and enjoy seeing my blog grow with me.

Lots of Love


x x