Monday, 27 January 2014

Avon - Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Mask

This product is my new holy grail hair product. I have very dry thirsty hair from lots of bleaching and semi-permanent hair colour. I get quite oily roots but my ends are forever dry. In all honesty I can do with cutting them off because they look terrible especially after a nights sleep! But when I cut my own hair last time I accidentally took a bit too much off. Its grown quite quick in just a few months and I don't want to give up what little length I do have. Jump in this mask. The hair mask has Moroccan argan oil in which is a big thing in the beauty world right now. I do have a bottle of argan oil already it is great for helping to tame my hair when it is dry or I put it on my wet hair for bit of extra nourishment. I just don't feel like it does as much as I want it too. This hair mask on the other hand is simply brilliant. The mask makes my hair feel so soft after using it. Even when I use it as a normal conditioner, which I do quite often! It smooths my hair makes it feel luxuriously soft and leaves it so manageable. Its like a mini miracle in a bottle. It gets even better when used as a mask. I feel like it actually helps to make my hair stronger. There isn't br much give and stretch in my hair when I an trying to brush it through. It doesn't snap off as much on the ends. It just feels healthier. And at around £5 at a bottle I can't complain! Even less when it is usually on some kind of offer which makes it even better!

You can purchase the mask here.

What is one of your favorite hair masks? Lots of Love Kerri x