Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Always Infinity - Review

Today I am talking about something a little bit different, so any guys that are reading I am so sorry! But Ladies you may find this helpful! Ive always used Always for my pads as I find them comfortable and they are not too expensive and they get the job done! Recently after changing my method of birth control my periods have changed drastically and I have very heavy days where I genuinely worry about wearing pads, while I'm not able to use tampons, so I am always in a constant dilemma! And WAY too much info for you guys there!!

Basically I use night time pads as I need the confidence in the pads and it just leaves me feeling a little bit safer! I then found these from always. These are Always Infinity and are available here.

 I was sceptical when I saw the adverts thinking how on earth could a pad with loads of holes in it provide any sort of valuable protection! How wrong was I!!
The holes are actually tunnels that quickly draw everything away into almost like a second layer of the pad. The upper layer allows for quick absorption and then theres a second layer to store everything. It sounds weird and I really cant describe it well but it is true what the box says you wont believe it until you try it! I didnt believe it either until without being disgusting the top layer looked empty but when I took off the pad it was full underneath!

These are so comfortable that you barely even notice you are wearing them! They mold to your body and sit so perfectly well, I have no worries of leaking or of the pad changing position. The wings are great too they stay in place and help prevent leaking.

This review is kind of personal for me finally finding something that works during that moment of a month where nothing feels right I love these pads. They give me confidence and I know I will be safe wearing them. They are comfortable and just make that time of month easier. These and copious amounts of chocolate! Anything to make the time easier I will love, and while they are a little bit more exspensive then regular pads it is worth it for the peace of mind for me! If you can pick these up I seriously suggest you try them!

How do you cope during that time of the month?

Lots of Love


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