Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Things I Really Really Want!

Its not often that items stick in my head when I want something. I see things want them then forget about them!

There are a few things that have stayed in my head whispering the words 'you need me'

1. Black and Gold Nails.
I really want this nail combination as my festive nails. Especially a matte black! So much so I got myself a new matte top coat so watch this space!

2. My Own Mug!
I started to drink a lot of hot chocolate but as Im not a big hot drink person normally I dont have my own mug. I use the spare ones and most of those are chipped! I would love a little mermaid one or even nightmare before christmas! But either way a trip to the disney store is needed!

3. High Street Vouchers!
Every time I get actual real money it always goes towards bills, food, or saving for bear. Oh the joys of adulthood, responsibility and children! So I love getting vouchers it means I can treat myself to something nice!

4. Sigma Brushes!
I really want to try these I would love a complete set but it is way out of my budget!

5. A House!
This is a dream of mind. At the moment me and Pawl rent our house. As we pretty much live pay day to pay day it is a miracle so saving is a little bit tricky! However I will hopefully will be doing a management training course soon! I already manage my shop once a week but this will give me better training and hopefully a better job and wage! Meaning I may be able to save!

And thats my wishlist that wont leave my head! What things do you keep wishing you had?

Lots of Love