Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year New Direction.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you have had a really great Christmas and 2014 will bring you lots of happiness.I had a lovely Christmas sharing it with Pawl and Bear. It was our first Christmas together and in our own place so it was really nice! 

I have filmed a 'what I got for Christmas' video and I hope to get it up in the next few days. Possibly tomorrow. 

I have not really been blogging anywhere near as much as I have wanted to because I just have not had the passion or inspiration for it. I think because when I started my blog I placed myself in the beauty blogger corner because that was what I has hugely interested in, Im not saying I dont love it anymore, because I do, I have just changed especially over this last year. I have my own house I am in a serious relationship with Pawl, I have my step-son Bear now, and my hobbies have shifted. I used to have lots of time on my hands to experiment and try out make-up where now I have different interests! I read alot more to unwind, I craft and make things a lot more, I learnt to knit and crochet. 

I also have a different mind set now, I made some difficult choices in my life. I have experienced a lot, and I would like to incorporate all this into my blog. I want to do more lifestyle posts including my experiences at university, coping with the death of my nan, relationships and family life. My job interview tips post seemed to go down well and I really enjoyed writing it. I would love to write more posts like that.

So I am thinking of changing my blog name to 'Kerri Blogs' I will still keep my beauty blogs but I will also include anything I want. It really will just me my corner of the internet where I write what I want. Whether that be baking, lifestyle, crochet, craft, daily thoughts. It will all be here. I hope many of you will stay with me and enjoy some posts from me. 

Lots of Love


X x