Monday, 2 December 2013

Bargain Christmas Gift Guide

This time of year always puts the pressure on your bank balance! Especially mine! I have had to find the best ways to make my money stretch and I figured I would show you some of the things that I think can stand as great gifts and do not have to cost the earth.

1. Argon Oil Travel Set.
While my sister may not get much use out of the shampoo and conditioner as she has thick thick hair the oil is a good size and will probably last her a long time. There is also a pact of face wipes in there. For anyone obsessed with their hair or knows how much a good hair oil can do this is a great little set. It costs only £3.99 and it is from B&M.
2. Lace Look Bracelet.

I love this it looks so elegant and at £6 it doesnt cost the earth for something that looks so nice. This is from Asda and there is a whole host of jewellery items that would make perfect gifts.

3. Gift Sets.
Every year I get a Brut gift set for my dad, he loves the smell and why not get him something I know he will love and use it! They normally cost around £5 but at the moment asda have two selected gift sets for £8. So I decided to pick up a radox one for my mom aswell which has candles and body washes, I am fairly certain by itself that one was around the £7 mark. If you take the offers while they are good you can get some great bargains. I have linked the 2 for £8 gift sets above.

4. Wembley Football Stadium Tour.

I went on this last year with my partner and his son, it was an amazing day out, even as a football hater I really enjoyed the tour. Any football mad guy or girl would love this and the best bit is that the tour is only £16. I was shocked when I found out the price as I expected it to cost a lot more. The tour lasts for around 75minutes and it is worth the money.

5. Avon Goodies! 
I always end up buying things for christmas presents from avon! I am getting my sister a 'C' initial necklace, I picked up two aftershaves and a perfume for around £13 which got me a free gift with another perfume and some hair and body items, while this means alot of people are getting the typical smelly stuff it has only cost me around £18 to get 5 presents. I think Avon are always worth a look especially for the offers in the books.