Sunday, 1 December 2013

A New Life Haul

New Life is an amazing store in Cannock that is items from shops either old sale items or items with small defects that have come frome all your favorite places like River Island and New Look and a whole host of other high street shops. You pay around £5 for membership for a year but the whole stock is heavily marked down! New life supports disabled children so while you are enjoying some retail therapy your money is going towards great causes.

I took the journey down today and figured I would just show you an over view of what I got, and I will probably do some outfit posts at some point too!

 First off is this lovely purse from River Island! There is no mistaking a River Island purse is there!! I think the reason this found its way to new life is because the zip inside is upside down! The purse was £4.99
 This satchel bag is amazing! I have no idea where it is from but I loved the gold studs and clasp detailing! This bag was £4.99 and there was 25% off too! Complete bargain!
 When I saw these creepers I knew they had to be mine, so much so I pushed passed my friend to grab them! These were £4.99 and again I love the studs and I have wanted a pair of creepers ever since I saw a pair on Helen Melon Lady! I think these are from New Look. New Life take out all the tags and cover anything that shows where the items come from. There are some things you cant change like the river island gold plaque on the purse, and the fact that even under silver marker these shoes say some kind of gorgeous feet on them! Im fairly certain that it the new look slogan on shoes!
 I picked up a checked shirt as I have been wanting to get one for ages, and this is a beautiful green and purple one! this was £2.99
 This next one is my biggest steal of the day! An army camo style jacked for £9.99. I love the shoulder detail on it and I love it is big enough to still get a wooly jumper under. I have no idea where this came from but where would you get a coat like this for less then £10!
 I love the big buttons on this too! Its so comfy and even if the seam is split inside it is something I can easily fix myself no problems.
 This denim shirt was the exact colour I have been looking for, for ages! At £4.99 I couldnt say no and I love rose gold tones so the buttons totally sold this to me!

So that is my haul for today! I hoped you liked everything and you may think about having a trip to New Life yourself. There is even a New Home which sells home products which I think I am going to look at on friday with a few people from work!

Lots of Love


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