Monday, 23 December 2013

A Bit of a Christmas Update!

First of all I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and you get to spend all the time with friends and family!

I havnt posted much this month as I have been trying to organise mine and pawls first christmas together in a house. Its also our first christmas together as the last 2 years we have spent it with our own family! Its a nightmare trying to fit everyone in especially as we only get his son at 4pm. And everyone wants to see Bear!

This month I have spent most of my time trying to bond with hyde our chinchilla. He was fine when Jekyll was around but since he died hyde withdrew alot and now its almost like he has trust issues with us! He has got better he has grown alot now he doesnt have a brother that picks on him and I was just working hard to make him happy and comfortable again. I think I made headway this week as he enjoyed getting some hugs with minimal fidgeting!

I had our works christmas meal on friday it was amazing one of those all you can eat world buffet places! And right now Im suffering with a massive cold. My head is throbbing and I really need to sleep but Im still at work till 9.30 i wonder ime I could go to sleep for the rest of my break!

Lots of Love


x x