Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year New Direction.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you have had a really great Christmas and 2014 will bring you lots of happiness.I had a lovely Christmas sharing it with Pawl and Bear. It was our first Christmas together and in our own place so it was really nice! 

I have filmed a 'what I got for Christmas' video and I hope to get it up in the next few days. Possibly tomorrow. 

I have not really been blogging anywhere near as much as I have wanted to because I just have not had the passion or inspiration for it. I think because when I started my blog I placed myself in the beauty blogger corner because that was what I has hugely interested in, Im not saying I dont love it anymore, because I do, I have just changed especially over this last year. I have my own house I am in a serious relationship with Pawl, I have my step-son Bear now, and my hobbies have shifted. I used to have lots of time on my hands to experiment and try out make-up where now I have different interests! I read alot more to unwind, I craft and make things a lot more, I learnt to knit and crochet. 

I also have a different mind set now, I made some difficult choices in my life. I have experienced a lot, and I would like to incorporate all this into my blog. I want to do more lifestyle posts including my experiences at university, coping with the death of my nan, relationships and family life. My job interview tips post seemed to go down well and I really enjoyed writing it. I would love to write more posts like that.

So I am thinking of changing my blog name to 'Kerri Blogs' I will still keep my beauty blogs but I will also include anything I want. It really will just me my corner of the internet where I write what I want. Whether that be baking, lifestyle, crochet, craft, daily thoughts. It will all be here. I hope many of you will stay with me and enjoy some posts from me. 

Lots of Love


X x

Monday, 23 December 2013

A Bit of a Christmas Update!

First of all I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and you get to spend all the time with friends and family!

I havnt posted much this month as I have been trying to organise mine and pawls first christmas together in a house. Its also our first christmas together as the last 2 years we have spent it with our own family! Its a nightmare trying to fit everyone in especially as we only get his son at 4pm. And everyone wants to see Bear!

This month I have spent most of my time trying to bond with hyde our chinchilla. He was fine when Jekyll was around but since he died hyde withdrew alot and now its almost like he has trust issues with us! He has got better he has grown alot now he doesnt have a brother that picks on him and I was just working hard to make him happy and comfortable again. I think I made headway this week as he enjoyed getting some hugs with minimal fidgeting!

I had our works christmas meal on friday it was amazing one of those all you can eat world buffet places! And right now Im suffering with a massive cold. My head is throbbing and I really need to sleep but Im still at work till 9.30 i wonder ime I could go to sleep for the rest of my break!

Lots of Love


x x

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Things I Really Really Want!

Its not often that items stick in my head when I want something. I see things want them then forget about them!

There are a few things that have stayed in my head whispering the words 'you need me'

1. Black and Gold Nails.
I really want this nail combination as my festive nails. Especially a matte black! So much so I got myself a new matte top coat so watch this space!

2. My Own Mug!
I started to drink a lot of hot chocolate but as Im not a big hot drink person normally I dont have my own mug. I use the spare ones and most of those are chipped! I would love a little mermaid one or even nightmare before christmas! But either way a trip to the disney store is needed!

3. High Street Vouchers!
Every time I get actual real money it always goes towards bills, food, or saving for bear. Oh the joys of adulthood, responsibility and children! So I love getting vouchers it means I can treat myself to something nice!

4. Sigma Brushes!
I really want to try these I would love a complete set but it is way out of my budget!

5. A House!
This is a dream of mind. At the moment me and Pawl rent our house. As we pretty much live pay day to pay day it is a miracle so saving is a little bit tricky! However I will hopefully will be doing a management training course soon! I already manage my shop once a week but this will give me better training and hopefully a better job and wage! Meaning I may be able to save!

And thats my wishlist that wont leave my head! What things do you keep wishing you had?

Lots of Love



Tuesday, 17 December 2013

How Much Did My Face Cost - 17/12/

It has been a while since I have done one of these posts! And yes I have changed my hair back to purple! It had been a record seven days since I last coloured it! However the purple hair is here for a while. It is the colour I love the most and what feels most 'me'. So onto the makeup! Foundation - Rimmel Match Perfect in Ivory - £4.83 (on offer in asda!) Concealer - Bourjous Healthy Mix - £7.99 Blush - Seventeen plush plum - £3.49 Bronzer - Benefit Hoola - £23.50 Eyes - Colour Tattoo Permament Taupe - £4.99 Mac Eyeshadow Smog - £12.50 Mascara - Rimmel Volume Lash - £5.99 Total Cost - £63.29 Not too bad really! That discounted foundation really helped keeping the cost down! Lots of Love Kerri x

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Festive Nails

I posted these nails on instagram earlier and everyone seems to love them!

The shade is Star Spangled by Orly and it was a free mini with cosmo mag I believe. The one with Miss Miley Cyrus in that gorgeous dress.
It is a perfect candy red with red glitter particles. I have never tried a glitter like this.You cant feel it and theres no glitter to catch on anything! It almost looks like gel nails as the finish is really shiney! What festive polishes are you using this year? I love golds reds and glitters! Lots of Love Kerri x

Monday, 9 December 2013

New Hair

Another new colour for me!

So I am now an almost peachy pink colour. Which I am especially loving right now. Some people at work say it looks almost bronze. It makes a nice change to the blue I was!
I loved the colour but it never faded the way my usual colour picks fade! I got stuck with an almost blue green hue for ages. Not what I wanted. Im used to the colour gradually fading completely out. I ended up having to dye over my hair with a blonde dye. I then mixed this colour and Im really liking it! Which one do you like better? Lots of Love x

Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Comfy Day

I had so many plans for today I was going to head to next and get a secret santa present for someone at work i was going to decathalon for work out stuff but instead netflix magically appeared on the tv and then breaking bad made its way on (they are robbing a train as we speak) and i decided to redecorate the christmas tree instead. It doesnt look as empty now! Super man is still in there but there is a star on the top! I figured I would show you my comfy clothes! Theres the denim shirt I got from newlife some primark leggings and a really long vest top from matalan.

Sorry for the very blurry photo but i used the front facing camera on my phone. Lots of Love Kerri x

Monday, 2 December 2013

Bargain Christmas Gift Guide

This time of year always puts the pressure on your bank balance! Especially mine! I have had to find the best ways to make my money stretch and I figured I would show you some of the things that I think can stand as great gifts and do not have to cost the earth.

1. Argon Oil Travel Set.
While my sister may not get much use out of the shampoo and conditioner as she has thick thick hair the oil is a good size and will probably last her a long time. There is also a pact of face wipes in there. For anyone obsessed with their hair or knows how much a good hair oil can do this is a great little set. It costs only £3.99 and it is from B&M.
2. Lace Look Bracelet.

I love this it looks so elegant and at £6 it doesnt cost the earth for something that looks so nice. This is from Asda and there is a whole host of jewellery items that would make perfect gifts.

3. Gift Sets.
Every year I get a Brut gift set for my dad, he loves the smell and why not get him something I know he will love and use it! They normally cost around £5 but at the moment asda have two selected gift sets for £8. So I decided to pick up a radox one for my mom aswell which has candles and body washes, I am fairly certain by itself that one was around the £7 mark. If you take the offers while they are good you can get some great bargains. I have linked the 2 for £8 gift sets above.

4. Wembley Football Stadium Tour.

I went on this last year with my partner and his son, it was an amazing day out, even as a football hater I really enjoyed the tour. Any football mad guy or girl would love this and the best bit is that the tour is only £16. I was shocked when I found out the price as I expected it to cost a lot more. The tour lasts for around 75minutes and it is worth the money.

5. Avon Goodies! 
I always end up buying things for christmas presents from avon! I am getting my sister a 'C' initial necklace, I picked up two aftershaves and a perfume for around £13 which got me a free gift with another perfume and some hair and body items, while this means alot of people are getting the typical smelly stuff it has only cost me around £18 to get 5 presents. I think Avon are always worth a look especially for the offers in the books.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

A New Life Haul

New Life is an amazing store in Cannock that is items from shops either old sale items or items with small defects that have come frome all your favorite places like River Island and New Look and a whole host of other high street shops. You pay around £5 for membership for a year but the whole stock is heavily marked down! New life supports disabled children so while you are enjoying some retail therapy your money is going towards great causes.

I took the journey down today and figured I would just show you an over view of what I got, and I will probably do some outfit posts at some point too!

 First off is this lovely purse from River Island! There is no mistaking a River Island purse is there!! I think the reason this found its way to new life is because the zip inside is upside down! The purse was £4.99
 This satchel bag is amazing! I have no idea where it is from but I loved the gold studs and clasp detailing! This bag was £4.99 and there was 25% off too! Complete bargain!
 When I saw these creepers I knew they had to be mine, so much so I pushed passed my friend to grab them! These were £4.99 and again I love the studs and I have wanted a pair of creepers ever since I saw a pair on Helen Melon Lady! I think these are from New Look. New Life take out all the tags and cover anything that shows where the items come from. There are some things you cant change like the river island gold plaque on the purse, and the fact that even under silver marker these shoes say some kind of gorgeous feet on them! Im fairly certain that it the new look slogan on shoes!
 I picked up a checked shirt as I have been wanting to get one for ages, and this is a beautiful green and purple one! this was £2.99
 This next one is my biggest steal of the day! An army camo style jacked for £9.99. I love the shoulder detail on it and I love it is big enough to still get a wooly jumper under. I have no idea where this came from but where would you get a coat like this for less then £10!
 I love the big buttons on this too! Its so comfy and even if the seam is split inside it is something I can easily fix myself no problems.
 This denim shirt was the exact colour I have been looking for, for ages! At £4.99 I couldnt say no and I love rose gold tones so the buttons totally sold this to me!

So that is my haul for today! I hoped you liked everything and you may think about having a trip to New Life yourself. There is even a New Home which sells home products which I think I am going to look at on friday with a few people from work!

Lots of Love


x x