Thursday, 7 November 2013

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer - Review

Today I am reveiwing the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer. The concealer really intrgued me. Not because of the name I dont know what they were thinking there, I mean Phwoarr Paint! It sounds like a joke name. However the concealer inside looked like it had alot of promise.

I liked the look of this because it looked alot like the salmon toned cream concealer by bobbi brown. I got this concealer in the shade fair and it is a pretty good match. Theres a nice sized mirror which is really handy for on the go touchups. The concealer itself is really creamy and is high coverage. Something you expect when it is marketed as heavy duty concealer. My first impression was great it is really easy to get the product out (unlike my erase paste from benefit) I only need to dab my finger in the product and then blend under my eyes to conceal all those dark circles. The salmon tones in the concealer helps to cover the blue tone of my under eye bags. It blends well and is hardly noticeable. I find this great for covering but I do sometimes apply a more brightening concealder in my inner corners of my eyes to really brighten them up.
This also works pretty well on spots however it is not so great on dry skin. This can settle in my fine lines but everything does this to me lately! The joys of getting older! But at £5.49 I think it is it performs as well as products that cost twice as much! Have you tried the seventeen phwoarr paint yet? lots of love x